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Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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12:27am 07-21-2017
been trying to reach you Via to report gallery 166 Drooaygah image #102 ot the site

{HandPrince replies: I'm sorry you had problems with You aren't the first. Their tech support can find no problem. When I've emailed to it from other addies I can't get it to fail - it always works for me. Thank you for pointing out the problem with that Droo image link. It is fixed now. }
5:02pm 07-20-2017
Found the extract printed from"The Physician's Guide to Managing Emotional Problems" by Arthur Harry Chapman.quite informative.

However the section did not cover a very important aspect of delivering corporal punishment namely instilling in children the requirement for proper comportment and obedience during the whole process.

Mr. Chapman describes how "The child can be turned over one knee while the parent’s other leg is used to clamp the child’s struggling legs down:......Baring then spanking a 'struggling' 3/4/5 year is very possible but a very difficult task with a 10/11/12 year old.

No, the child must be taught from the earliest age that corporal punishment is something to be received with the quietest of acceptance, obedience and decorum.

{HandPrince: Sorry, but I had to delete the rest of this message. Descriptions of how to spank real life children aren't appropriate for the Handprints Guestbook. Thanks just the same.}
11:32pm 06-29-2017

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An exerpt from the 1969 reference book, "The Physician's Guide to Managing Emotional Problems" by Arthur Harry Chapman.

On Spanking Children.
The previously discussed techniques are sufficient for the majority of childhood disciplinary problems. However, parents should have a more compelling disciplinary technique in reserve when lesser measures fail. Without an effective further technique the lesser disciplinary methods fail from time to time, and the child-parent relationship tends to degenerate into a haranguing argument.

Spanking is the most commonly used discipline to fill this need.

Parents complain at times that they spank their children repeatedly without success. The physician should inquire about their specific technique of spanking. Often it will be found that the parent is swatting the child three or four times on the trousers’ seat with his hand; such paddling is administered through the underclothing and outer garments. This type of spanking makes little impression on a child, though he may howl considerably at the injustice he feels has been done him. Other parents ineffectively flail at their children a few times with a folded newspaper. Such inadequate spankings are often worse than none at all, for they create much turmoil around the house without successfully solving any issues.

An effective spanking should be administered on the bare buttocks with a short, hard object which can be easily handled, such as a hair brush. Ten hard blows on the buttocks with a hair brush is an experience that the child will bear in mind when he is later tempted to repeat the offense for which such a spanking was given. The child can be turned over one knee while the parent’s other leg is used to clamp the child’s struggling legs down. One hand bends the child over the knee by firm pressure on the back of his neck while the other hand delivers the spanking with the hair brush. The buttocks are preferred to any other area of the body for spanking, since it is almost impossible to cause serious physical damage to a child by applying blows to its surface. It is better to spank a child on the buttocks than to administer blows to his hands, face, legs or other parts of the body.

The spanking should be given with an attitude of firm execution of justice, with perhaps a touch of justified indignation. A spanking should not be given in front of other children and should be done with the door of the room closed. The child should be clearly informed why he is being spanked and may be admonished that further spanking will follow repetition of the offense...

The frequency of spankings will be from two or three a week to one every several months. The older. reasonably well-disciplined child will need spankings only occasionally. They are a Supreme Court to which appeals are infrequently necessary. Spankings can be given to children until they reach puberty. After that spankings become physically awkward for the parent to administer and excessively humiliating to the child to receive.

This discussion of disciplinary techniques assumes that the parents have reasonably stable personalities and are able to impose limitations with a liberal blend of love. At times the family physician or pediatrician encounters parents whose personality difficulties are so marked that they cannot accept and carry out counseling on disciplinary matters. Such parents may need special attention for their own personality problems, or the family may need the more general services of a child guidance clinic.

However, the measures which have been outlined here provide the physician with a basis for counsel and advice to the majority of families facing the common disciplinary problems of children.
1:00pm 06-28-2017
I was spanked as a kid, and also so were my two sisters. Bare bottom over the knee. Both Mom and Dad spanked us with their hands. It hurt. I got my last spanking at 16, got into some trouble with some friends at school. My dad blistered my backside. His hand must have been really sore. I couldn't sit for over an hour. I masturbate watching spanking pics.
7:28pm 05-28-2017
On the whereabouts of Ann Madison - she lived in New Orleans and was never heard from again after the hurricane. At the time, she was also apparently engaged and was planning to leave N.O., live a quiet life, and give up spanking art. Most of us hope that is what happened. Personally, I would love to have corresponded with her!
3:59pm 05-27-2017
The last drawing in #202 of the nun administering a spanking really has potential. It has everything I want in a spanking drawing, except to see the face of the child being spanked. The artist isn't named, does anyone know if this artist has produced other spanking art, and if so where it can be seen?

Another point, The recent Paral posting indicates that, despite the fact the he enjoys viewing spanking art regularly, he opposes spanking actual children. HandPrince himself has often expressed the same belief. I will be honest, I don't share it. I did not have children and, at this point of my life, I will not. But I do fantasize about spanking other people's children. But since I have no desire to go to prison, I have not and will not do so. I will add that most spanking art depicts punishments far more severe than I would ever consider. My ideal spanking is OTK, bare hand, bare bottom. I got just a few of them as a child and often wish I had gotten more.
11:55am 05-24-2017

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I would like to thank you once again for continually updating and maintaing this site over the years. I have loved the shear verity and quality of the images posted.

I am truly grateful for the inspiration that this site has provided, and will continue to provide. I doubt my writing would be anywhere near the same level without it.


5:26pm 05-15-2017
Just ran a virus check. Reported 6 pictures from Handprints as infected. re-downloaded one of them--intercepted as infected. Pictures are in gallery 187, various1675-various1680.

{HandPrince responds: Thanks for letting me know. Those images have now been deleted from the site.}
3:39am 05-06-2017
Why hello there! Before I get started on why I signed the guestbook, let me introduce myself. ParaL is of course, not my actual name, but my real name lies hidden within it, though it's probably a riddle only I can solve. I think first discovered my intrest about 1 year and 2 or 3 months ago, when I was 14. I discovered it when I... It's quite embarrassing actually... I think I'd rather not talk about it. Let's just say my intrest came with another intrest (I looked it up, it's actually quite common for this intrest to come with this other intrest, due to the fact that they can often be related, so please don't think I'm a fetishist or something).
Anyway, I've visited this site a few times since i found out about it last week (mostly for Lee Warners and Smallmews drawings) and decided that I would explore it a little more today. To my surprise, I discovered it was still frequently being updated, unlike most of these sites. I also found out about the comics, stories etc., and I just found out about the guestbook, and since I'm using this site without really giving it anything in return (I mean.... thehandprints. doesn't seem to have any ads or something alike that would earn the creator money) it would only be fair for me to sign the guestbook.
But I think I'm mostly signing it because it is a guestbook full of inviting people that are like me. The people here... They take a special intrest in spanking, but by all means are still opposed to corporal punishment. The people here aren't pedophiles that come here to look at young girls getting spanked on their bare bottom. They are here for the act of spanking as a punishment, and only that. It's for that reason as well that I'm singing this guestbook with my primary email and am quite open about who I am (both of which I've never done before concerning this intrest). The few sites where you still can find people like this are usually dead, so I'm really glad I found this site. I think I'll be lurking around here for many years to come.
That being said, I would like to thank HandPrince for creating and maintaining this site. I might have been on here for just a week, but I can see a lot of love and passion has been poured into it already, and can see that it will most likely continue to be that way for a long time.
Right now, I'm not sure if I can ever pay you something back in return for letting me use this site by contributing to it, but I used to write stories on fanfictiondotnet and was a little populair back then, and I'm currently working on a new story and plan to return to fanfictiondotnet. I have been thinking about using parental spanking in one small chapter of the story, of course also because of my intrest, but mostly to show the bond that has formed between one of the main characters and his foster family. In the end, I decided not to write that chapter, mostly to avoid controversy, though I still think about it often. Maybe one day, I'll still write it, alter the names and locations slightly, and share it with the users of thehandprints (if that'd be okay with HandPrince of course), but I currently just don't feel sure enough about it to do so. And my drawing skills are... horrific, and saying that that's an understatement is an an understatement.But according to many people, my writing skills are on point, so maybe one day, I might write that chapter.
I think I've said all that I wanted to say, and again would like to thank HandPrince for creating and maintaining this awesome site. I'm certainly looking forward to the many years i'll be spending on this website!

9:41am 05-01-2017
The Preacher's Wife
There is a nice story to go with Tua's drawing of a mother spanking her daughter with a ruler. It's in Czech but with google translator you can get the gist of it:
3:26pm 04-07-2017

Homepage url
Does anybody know of the whereabouts of Ann Madison? I haven't heard from her in many years, or seen any new work in her unmistakable style.

12:09am 03-04-2017

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A book exerpt:

Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
By Kate Clifford Larson
pp. 37-38

As the family disciplinarian, Rose [Kennedy] believed in "good old fasioned spanking," though she did not allow family nurses, maids or governesses to punish the children physically. Fully aware of debates about the efficacy of corporal punishment and the possibly physical and psychological pain caused by it, Rose nevertheless believed it was vital in teaching young children the difference between right and wrong, particularly as a "means of preventing accidents and bad behavior." She prided herself that none of her children ever said no to her, though this seems highly unlikely to be true. Rose claimed she would not heistate to hold a child's finger to a hot stove to show that he or she would get burned, or to prick a little finger with the point of a pair of scissors to emphasize the danger of running and falling or poking a sibling with them. A ruler was never far from reach. "After a frew raps the mere mention of the ruler would usually bring the desired results."

2:04pm 02-08-2017
Richard Evans Lee

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I have visited Handprint a few times over many years. It is great to see that your enjoyed of spanking art hasn't flagged. So many kinky sites and blogs suddenly go quiet and die.
3:36am 02-04-2017
Thank you so much for the new update, HP!

{HandPrince: You're welcome!}
1:14am 02-01-2017
Gallery 199 the picture of the 2 wooden spoons doesnt open!!

{HandPrince: Oops! My bad! It's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.}

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