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3:26pm 04-07-2017

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Does anybody know of the whereabouts of Ann Madison? I haven't heard from her in many years, or seen any new work in her unmistakable style.

12:09am 03-04-2017

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A book exerpt:

Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
By Kate Clifford Larson
pp. 37-38

As the family disciplinarian, Rose [Kennedy] believed in "good old fasioned spanking," though she did not allow family nurses, maids or governesses to punish the children physically. Fully aware of debates about the efficacy of corporal punishment and the possibly physical and psychological pain caused by it, Rose nevertheless believed it was vital in teaching young children the difference between right and wrong, particularly as a "means of preventing accidents and bad behavior." She prided herself that none of her children ever said no to her, though this seems highly unlikely to be true. Rose claimed she would not heistate to hold a child's finger to a hot stove to show that he or she would get burned, or to prick a little finger with the point of a pair of scissors to emphasize the danger of running and falling or poking a sibling with them. A ruler was never far from reach. "After a frew raps the mere mention of the ruler would usually bring the desired results."

2:04pm 02-08-2017
Richard Evans Lee

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I have visited Handprint a few times over many years. It is great to see that your enjoyed of spanking art hasn't flagged. So many kinky sites and blogs suddenly go quiet and die.
3:36am 02-04-2017
Thank you so much for the new update, HP!

{HandPrince: You're welcome!}
1:14am 02-01-2017
Gallery 199 the picture of the 2 wooden spoons doesnt open!!

{HandPrince: Oops! My bad! It's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.}

10:45am 01-20-2017
I've been a fan of this site for many, many years. Love the GJC and Lee Warner galleries. Any chance that Lee Warner will get back into drawing again?

{HandPrince replies: Sorry, but Lee Warner has retired from spanking art.}
2:43pm 01-18-2017
My favorite of the new material is the one in #199 by AMDeLand-Baldwin. I certainly hope we get to see "the rest of the story" some time!
3:49pm 01-10-2017
While trying to access on of the galleries I got the following error:

Not Found

The requested URL /HPWorkshop/Handprints/hpComics10.html was not found on this server.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for letting me know about this problem. It's fixed now. Enjoy!}
4:43am 12-30-2016

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I've been with you for many, many years, and I've sent you images in the past. However, I was going to send you some images that I've been working on with Arkham, but the email address that you have posted ( doesn't appear to work.

{HandPrince replies: I'm sorry about the email problem. It works every time I try it. I've talked to tech support and they say everything checks out normal. I don't know what else to do.
For your artwork, try sending it to}
3:01pm 12-25-2016

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Merry Christmas, and thanks for the big update!

I wish you a relaxing and nice Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we all hope to get more updates after the holidays!

10:59pm 12-15-2016

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Bill, I am pretty sure that HP has to approve posts here (because there used to be too many people posting links to CP) so if the guestbook is working he is okay I think. At least I know for a fact that was the case on the last guestbook platforms he used. There was another time he had been away for a long time and we got worried, but I'm pretty sure it is just that he is really busy these days, and he doesn't have the kind of time for the site as he used to.

{HandPrince replies: The truth is, I'm getting old and lazy. I didn't update the site for months. As punishment, I put myself in time-out for a couple of days and the result was today's giant update!}
11:53am 12-11-2016
I check in occasionally looking for new material. Also like to check the guestbook. Surprised to see no activity since late September. Hope HandPrince is well and the site is still active. Always has been my favorite for this type of content.
7:42am 11-16-2016
Happy Spanksgiving, everyone!
11:06pm 10-27-2016
Do you have the sequel comic to that shows the girl scouts getting it?
2:50pm 09-25-2016

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A triplet triple-spanking.
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