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3:06pm 06-20-2018
Anyone know the ultimate status of Someoneelsehere? She also did a few pictures of the girls being disciplined in gym class, they were great.
4:52pm 06-15-2018
A terrible thing is the hair brush
If you say otherwise you''re a fool
I do all I can to avoid it
It's Mommy's preferred spanking tool

Just one single swat to my bottom
Will make me break out in a sweat
My spankings are not soon forgotten
With the dozens of swats that I get

I hate being ordered, the hairbrush to bring
I'm in tears as I hand it to her
Just ask any girl who has suffered its sting
And I'm certain that they will concur

I'm going to start a petition
To ban their production and sale
And furthermore to declare it a crime
To be used on a little girl's tail
11:25pm 06-10-2018
I've had enough of your sassy mouth
My Mommy said to me
Then she grabbed her trusty hairbrush
And she flipped me 'cross her knee

As if this indignation
Was not enough to bear
Next I knew my skirts came up
And down came my underwear

The prospect of her hairbrush
Oh it gave me such a fright
But when Mom laid bare my bottom
I put up a mighty fight

Hard smacks from her delivered
To my unprotected thighs
Soon rendered me cooperative
Though tears came to my eyes

She placed her brush against my cheeks
While further chiding me
And though I said "I'm sorry!"
She said, "Certainly you will be!"

Then Mommy took her hairbrush
Raising it far back
And slammed it on my bottom
With a great resounding whack

And although the smack she gave me
Sounded like a thunderclap
Surely it was muted by
My howl across Mommy's lap

Her process was repeated
At least two dozen times
With noises that competed
Both her brush and cries of mine

At last my spanking ended
And the only noise was mine
While no doubt smoke and flames erupted
From my scorched and sore behind

Then Mommy sat me on her lap
And gave me an embrace
Telling me I was forgiven
As my tears streamed down my face

I promised I'd never sass her
(It wasn't worth the pain!)
"You'd better not!" she said,
"Or you be 'cross my knee again!"
10:50pm 06-10-2018
Caught Red Handed

I'm going to get a spanking
And perhaps even worse
Because I was caught red handed
Stealing from Mommy's purse

She had left it sitting open
On the table in the hall
She was upstairs, or so I was hoping
But this was not the case at all

So imagine the shock that befell me
When I heard Mommy exclaim
Having snuck up unbeknownst behind me
Saying, "What in heaven's name!"

I knew that I was busted
I had her wallet in my hand
So I'd no longer be trusted
This hadn't gone the way I'd planned

So she dragged me to our kitchen
Where I got the third degree
Telling me of her profound disappointment
That she felt with me

I sat there in the kitchen
Just enveloped in my shame
Knowing that her rage was justified
And I had just myself to blame

She told me I was going to be spanked
That I was also grounded for a week
As I croaked out an apology
For I could barely speak

I was sent up to her bedroom
To go and fetch the brush
I knew that I would be spanked severely
For such a breach of trust

And oh how did my mother
Wear out that brush on me
So much worse than any other
Spanking she has given me

Then I was sent up to my bedroom
After my bottom had been warmed
But this was far from over
So I was informed

Mommy said she'd be telling Daddy
And as sore as my fanny felt
I knew that Dad was going to tear my bottom up
With help from his leather belt
9:20pm 06-08-2018
Great update! Thanks for your continued dedication!
4:43am 06-06-2018

Homepage url
Thanks for the update!

Would you please add that is a illustration for my story "How my life changed?"

{HandPrince replies: Certainly! I've put a link to your charming story under the thumbnail.}
8:16pm 06-03-2018
Rosybott Girl
Another brilliant update. Some wonderful new works. I particularly like the drawing by Selene-Bunny. Maybe I've been asleep, but it's a new name to me. I shall look forward to seeing more works by that artist.
11:31pm 05-22-2018
I love what you've done here hp. Everything about this site is well executed and professionally made. I am especially a fan of Lee Warner and Fireball666, specificly Lee Warner's "Polystyrene Rod."

I also quite like the work of the fairly new artist in the spanking art world, Andrew Wolkoff. His pieces seem like they have a 'folk' art feel, so to speak. I know you have a life to live, but I am always eagerly waiting for new updates. Thanks for all your hard work.
4:08pm 04-26-2018
Hey HP,

Gallery 210, 2nd row from bottom, bad links to animegirl2012 and the first Arkham-insanity, pls fix I wanna see them! Thanks generally for yr terrific job!

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for letting me know. Those bad links are fixed now. Enjoy!}
12:34pm 03-10-2018
Nice update. And finally a longer-length, non-repetitive animation! Best ever. Kudos to Sieti.

[HandPrince: I agree. That is easily one of the best spanking gif animations I've seen.]
3:47am 03-10-2018

Homepage url
Thanks for another great update.
Especially like the animated one by Sieti. So realistic and classic.
2:50pm 02-18-2018
Thanks again for the great update! Your continued work is so appreciated!
10:08pm 02-13-2018
Rosybott Girl
I came back to see if you had received my previous message and fixed the link and to my delight found yet another brilliant update. I don't know how you find the time to do it, but thank you for everything you have done.
7:41pm 02-12-2018
Rosybott Girl
Brilliant update once again. Thank you for all the work you have done.
The most recent link on the 'What's New' page leads top Gallery 207 rather than 208.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome! And thank you for letting me know about the bad link. It is fixed now.}
1:38pm 01-20-2018
Great update! Thanks for continuing all of your hard work!

{HandPrince: You're welcome! :-)}
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