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3:55pm 11-19-2017

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Only the second comic strip of the new volume, and already one spanking reference and an off-screen implied spanking. "Twice The Triplets" is off to a good start!
2:33am 11-17-2017
Further and a story

There was a large variation in spankings in the 50s, 60s. At the one extreme was the very common “little” spanking, one or two smacks for the bottom of a naughty child. The smack(s) served as a reinforcement of a verbal correction. You could have more of these in a single day, particularly at younger ages. It was these spankings you saw in all places and at all times among (nearly) all children.
At the other extreme was the proverbial “good” (= long, hard) spanking. Such a “good spanking” was a common threat, but it was rarely executed. The little spanking was a correction, the good spanking was a punishment. This rareness “kept the gunpowder dry”. It made from a good spanking the punishment most dreaded by children. When it did happen and you got a good spanking, the shock of pain and humiliation added to anxiety and feelings of guilt, was sharp. Repeated “good” spankings for the same reason were rare. “Do it once, do it good, you won’t need it twice”.

Now a little spanking story. Si non e vero, e bene trovato, ma e vero.

My sister and I slept in the same room (in two beds) and, as it goes with children, we were not always ready to go to sleep. There was no arguing; at exact eight o’clock (an half hour earlier when I was smaller, an half hour later when I got bigger), we went to bed. My sister, being two years older, found this highly unfair but having but one bedroom for the girls (and one for the boys), it was the only option… So, we talked and giggled in bed – as good sisters we hated the other but couldn’t miss her. I often jumped in bed with her, and we played games under the sheets. Till we made too long, too much noise and our mother shouted from under the stairs: “Lucia! Elly! Stop this and go to sleep. You don’t want me to come upstairs.” We suddenly felt silent. There were two options. I went to my bed and fell asleep (often). But sometimes we started again, at first in silence, then more and more noisy (rarely). This was the better thriller, an exciting game with at stake a spanking. Will she hear us? Will she come up and spank us? We were not petrified by fear: we knew the drill and what we risked.
Then we heard her steps on the stairs. The forces of justice were moving in: we had overdone it. Oh oh, she will spank us, and that hurts so much… I jumped back into my bed and did as if I was sleeping. Although I knew that my fate was sealed. The door slammed open: “Girls, I warned you!” We didn’t answer, I might start sobbing a bit, for good order.
She threw open my blankets and “turned over the pot”: she put me on my belly. I even didn’t dream of resisting. She pulled up my nightie– we didn’t wear underwear in bed, my mother had other things to do than to wash underwear. “You stop (SMACK!) playing and you be (SMACK!!) quiet.” I got two hard smacks on each bare cheek that made me yelp and I sobbed a bit harder. Not too much, that part of my anatomy was used to some minor maltreatment. It certainly hurt – my bottom was smarting. Then it was the turn of my big sister, who sometimes got a third smack which made her fume of anger, for the injustice done to her, as this was obviously the fault of that pest of her little sister.

But we were quiet. My bottom smarted, which soon turned over in a not totally unpleasant mild glowing. If I was still awake at that moment. Nothing better to put me asleep than a warm bottom and teary eyes. We were good again for weeks, sometimes months, till the itch of pulling the dragon's tail started again.
3:38am 11-10-2017
An introduction

We were four children, two boys (1944 and 1946) and two girls (1950 and 1952: me) born between 1944 and 1952. Times were very different: the 50s and 60s were happy years were Europe recovered of a brutal war and developed rapidly. My grandparents were illiterate small farmers with too many children. My father took the only chance he got and escaped poverty with discipline and hard work in the army. My parents were far from rich, but they felt rich, as they still knew all too well what true poverty was. My dad worked all day and was often absent. My mother took care of the house and the family. She applied strict rules. Growing older, there was room for dialogue, but at the end of the day she was the boss. Being always at home, she had an eye on each of us and could watch what we were doing. Her education was based on respect, family values, accountability and discipline. It is true: that strict discipline sometimes went too far. I remember shouting as a young teenager “we are trained here like dog puppies”. But in general, children had good manners and did their best. You knew the rules and you felt secure as they were applied strictly but justly. Classes were calm and silent, truancy virtually non existing. Juvenile crime rates were very low. I never locked my bike: what child would think of stealing a bike, knowing the consequences? A strict education was then perceived as the best education: it was based on the endless love that our parents had for us. We were happy children, raised in happy families during happy times. Again, these were different times – I don’t judge the times of today, but I am happy to have lived as a child in the 50s and 60s.

Spanking was then the only normal and common punishment. My parents frowned at (longer) time outs, grounding or taking away of toys: that took far too long, and was not a child friendly punishment. The short, sharp pain of a spanking was harmless but easily understood as a punishment at any age (except the very young). Spanking was so normal that "I (a parent) had to punish her (a child)" was synonymous with I spanked her. It was common to see a girl getting a spanking in multiple circumstances: in the family, at school, in shops and even in the street ... The mothers announced publicly to their kids "continue and you'll have a good spanking!” “Do you want me to strip off your pants, here and now?” “You will end with a red bottom, crying in the corner!”. And so forth. All adult people (and certainly the children) around the culprit agreed and nodded approvingly. Parents found it normal to spank their children, but, very important, we, the children found that normal, too. Children are conformists: spanking was normal, not spanking was not. Now it is the opposite. It does not matter. As long as you love your kids, anything goes.
8:51am 10-25-2017
about 1/2 of gallery 183 is missing and giving 404 errors.

Thank you!

{HandPrince responds: Thank you SO much for bringing this to my attention! It's fixed now.}
1:50pm 10-23-2017
Oh, I just noticed you already have a few images of the spankings in 'Suske en Wiske'. My bad. Though, I do have a few more of them, which don't seem to be on this site. I could still send you those, if you'd like?

{HandPrince responds: Sure! Send them to, or if you have trouble with that address, try .}
10:23am 10-22-2017
Dear Handprince,
I am a little late, but I still wanted to tank you for the update! Thank you .

I also might be able to contribute to the comic section (no story, sorry, but I might do that later). I am a huge fan of a comic-series called 'Suske en Wiske'. It is a comic-series from Belgian origin which i believe was only ever fully translated in Flemish and Dutch (and still is, I might add), although some albums have also been translated in English (under the name 'Spike and Suzy') and a few other languages. The series made it's but before World War 2, so throughout the series you can see how cultures, beliefs and traditions from all over the world have changed. Because of this, you can find Suske and Wiske and a few other characters getting spanked in some of the older albums (although in a very recent album, they did also get spanked once, in order to create a sort of joke about discipline). On rare occasion boys get spanked, but is usually either girls and boys or girls only, almost always Wiske. If she gets it together with Suske, it's always an image in which she is getting it while Suske is standing by, either waiting to get spanked or rubbing his sore bottom (I know that all seems a little strange, but that's the way it is). Anyhow, I though you might be intrested in the images in which charachters get spanked, but there might be one problem: they're all in Dutch. I could provide the context and translation though (but I don't think I can alter the images though, so those need to be put elsewhere if you'd like to have them). I could also give you them without context and translations if you don't mind.

So, would you like to have them? And if you do, would you also like context and translations?
8:35am 10-21-2017
Thanks for great update! Really amazing to see how you have kept this going all these years. Thank you for your hard work!
4:54am 10-14-2017

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Wow, a quick update. Big thanks!
9:43pm 10-12-2017
Rosybott Girl
Yet another great update. Well worth waiting for.
9:20pm 10-11-2017
It is so boring to see, that you so much times just add the same pics and mark them as "new" the same images again and again :/

{HandPrince responds: Hey, what can I say? I'm a forgetful old man. ;-) )
9:30pm 10-09-2017
I thought this post was interesting, it was just posted on Language Log regarding the old style, strict approach to language tutoring:

"Poor Eunice! I can totally relate! And your hyperlink "…her eyes began to swell in tears when she was asked to take out the Mandarin work sheets…" could have easily referred to me as a child. I remember dreading Chinese class and my private Chinese lessons—I was always swiftly caned if I could not read/write the characters, which reinforced my dislike of Chinese even more. They didn’t use much pinyin then, so I would come up with my own, after the teacher went through the list, and write them next to the characters so I could remember how to say them and what they were. Oh the horrors of tingxie and moxie … AHHHHHHH!!! I’m back again in my dining room, waiting for Chen Laoshi to come and berate me yet again, and the cane has already been conveniently placed where he sits."
1:10pm 10-09-2017

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I spoke with Hushmail tech support about the problem some people have had with getting error messages when they attempt to send emails to Hushmail tech support said this happens when people try to send emails from IPs on's blacklist. appears to be blacklisting sites which shouldn't be blacklisted. Hushmail said they have no control over this and that if you get an error message when trying to email you should contact your ISP and ask them to get to take your IP address off their blacklist.

Hushmail also said that you could try asking directly to take your IP address off its block list by going here:
1:33pm 10-05-2017

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Hey HandPrince, a short info,
The Most websites and links are dead, also the archives, I think that Website need a rework.
11:24am 10-02-2017

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Hey Handprince, thanks for the response, I did send you my Images via email to the other mail

{HandPrince responds: Thanks. I got your message.}
6:22am 10-01-2017

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Thanks for the great update, HP! Look forward to the next one.

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