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Your childhood discipline memories are welcome.
Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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2:50pm 09-25-2016

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A triplet triple-spanking.
8:19pm 09-10-2016
Just noticed that gallery 13 is gone, and I think it has been for a while, since I backed up the site a while ago for offline viewing, and it isn't on the backup either.

{HandPrince replies: Yes, that gallery was taken down a long time ago at the artist's request.}
3:31am 08-30-2016

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would you like some of my new art?
regards Dave

{HandPrince replies: Sure! Please send it to and I'll have a look. If you have trouble with, send it to}
7:28am 08-09-2016
In my childhood we went on holidays to the seaside. My dad, an army officer, could rent a cheap apartment from the army. He loved to share, so that we always stayed there with nephews and nieces.
I swam like a dolphin, partly because my father as a child nearly drowned: he didn’t rest before we could swim. My cousins from the interior of the country were not so lucky, and could not swim or only poorly.
I was not supposed to go too far into the sea. One day I went too far into the sea, with my niece in tow. The guard honked I had to come back, but I pretended not to hear it. Till my niece cried a warning: Lucia, your dad! My father gave the sign that I had to come immediately.
My dad was a man of few words. He knelt in the sand, put me over the knee and gave me then and there a dozen hard smacks on my wet bathing suit and bare thighs (one of the few spankings dad ever gave me). The shame was total. The only risk my dad took, was that the guard and bystanders felt I came off too lightly.
Fortunately, I was allowed to go back swimming, with a red head and red bottom. I did not go too far in the sea.

comment by (bikini’s were clothing of the devil, then)";
9:59am 08-06-2016
WOW! Two updates in quick succession. Love your website.
2:30pm 08-03-2016
The Churchward drawings takes me back to my own childhood. This is how my sisters, cousins, friends and I had it back in the 60´s and 70´s.";
2:25pm 07-28-2016
Rosybott Girl
Gallery 200 is not that far away. Maybe it should be a celebration of all the great art that has appeared on your site in the last seventeen years. Maybe twenty favourite pictures, half chosen by you and half by the regular contributers to this guestbook.
8:10am 07-28-2016

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Thanks for the update, really good and thanks for all your work. Don't let us wait so long until next update!

But the update was july 17, not august 17.
8:55pm 07-23-2016

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Loved the update HandPrince. The one of Misty certainly brings back memories of childhood]

Note, I do appear to have time-traveled, as it is still July in my time.
5:06pm 07-21-2016

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Thanks for the update, altough it came in July and not in August.
Long time since last update, we all hope for more frequent updates. Thank you anyway for all your work, HP!
6:57am 07-19-2016
Great update! Thanks for the hard work!

{HandPrince replies: Thank you!"
9:57am 06-20-2016
Message for Ruben Turing (and anyone else who has been unable to message the email address):'s tech support says they can't see anything amiss with the Handprints email account. All their tests give green lights and all their test messages go through without bouncing.

Could you please try again, and if your message still bounces, please forward the complete bounce message with its full header information to tech support says its the only remaining way they can check to see what is going on with these bounced messages.

UPDATE: I haven't heard back from anyone yet. Anyone who wishes to help is invited to send an email with "test message" in the subject line to If your message bounces, please forward the bounce message with its full headers to's tech support says they can't fix the problem without this information.
3:32pm 06-18-2016

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Just happened to download the first episode of the TV drama 'Game of Silence.'

Not quite two minutes in and there is already a F/f spanking threat. Drunken Mom is trying to force tween-aged daughter into their car to take her to be baptized. Once she gets daughter into the passenger seat, Mom yells "if you get out of this car, you're getting the hairbrush again!"
7:40pm 06-12-2016
Rosybott Girl
Re email problems. Just a suggestion HP, but if you send Ruben Turing an email he can keep it and use 'reply to sender' to send emails to you. That usually sorts out problems of this nature (bouncing or disappearing emails).

{HandPrince responds: Thanks for the suggestion. I'm trying to contact's tech support by email, but there seems to be problems with that, too.

I apologize to anyone who has been unable to reach my account. I'm trying my best to get to the bottom of this issue.

I've taken your advice, Rosybott Girl, and sent Ruben Turing an email from the box. Unfortunately, it bounced back undeliverable.}
5:20pm 06-12-2016
Your email doesn't work.
I want all my stolen art taken down from your site immediately.

{HandPrince replies: HUH?!?! Zani... what are you TALKING about??

Back in October of 2012 I contacted you for permission to put your work on Handprints. On October 8th, 2012, you replied, "Sure thing! I'm honored! As long as you link back to the originals I don't have any objection."

Zani, are you sure you don't have me confused with someone else who DIDN'T obtain your permission to post your images somewhere? Because you certainly gave me permission, and you've said nothing since then to indicate that you had changed your mind about that (until now?).

BTW, I noticed just now that although all your previous images had the link to your DA site which you requested, I had neglected to link your most recent ones in Gallery #195. This was an oversight and not a deliberate omission, and I've fixed it.

At any rate, if you really do seriously want me to remove all your work from all eight Handprints Galleries in which it appears, let me know and I will do so. I'll be sorry to see them go, as you have plenty of fans of your work here on HP, myself included. But I would never put any artwork on HP over the artist's objections.

Claiming I "stole" your images when you yourself gave me express written permission to post them on Handprints isn't fair, though.}
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