Please post comments relevant to the Handprints site.
Your childhood discipline memories are welcome.
Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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3:05am 06-19-2021

Homepage url
Great updates, HP. I hope that you are all right despite everything that happened. Take care

{HandPrince replies: Thanks, I'm feeling much better now.}
2:47pm 06-15-2021
Where can I find more of littledragonkid
9:43am 06-10-2021
Haroun Quiet Owl
The PROTECT Act also enacted 18 U.S.C. § 1466A into U.S. obscenity law:[113]

"Section 1466A of Title 18, United States Code, makes it illegal for any person to knowingly produce, distribute, receive, or possess with intent to transfer or distribute visual representations, such as drawings, cartoons, or paintings that appear to depict minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and are deemed obscene.

{HandPrince replies: The good news is, now you have a perfect excuse to obsessively view every last image on the Handprints website (which I suspect is what you really wanted to do all along for personal reasons of your own).

The bad news is you won't find a single image of a minor engaged in "sexually explicit conduct" anywhere on this site. And none of the images on Handprints come even vaguely close to qualifying as "obscene" under USA law. If you disagree, I suggest you speak with a US federal prosecutor and let him or her straighten you out.

In the meantime, I urge you to take a hard look at yourself and face up to why you REALLY are so obsessed with an perfectly-legal website featuring artwork and stories in which fictitious minors get imaginary spankings. Those inner "demons" of yours in the dark recesses of your psyche will turn out not to be so scary once you metaphorically turn on your light and see them for what they truly are.}
1:10pm 06-08-2021
The images by Littledragonkid are amazing! Let's all request more of them on a regular basis! Best wishes to all
9:36pm 06-02-2021
Haroun Quiet Owl
this site is child porn! and should be done away with immediately ,like they would in sweden. i have reported this site to the fbi and ncmec oganization.

{HandPrince replies: In the USA, Chi1d P0rnography constitutes photographic images of minors involved in sexually explicit conduct. None of the artwork on Handprints violates the laws of the USA. Artwork can be banned as "obscene," but in order for this to happen, the prosecution must prove that it is not only patently offensive to the average person and appeals to prurient interest, but that it is also without redeeming social, literary, scientific, or artistic value. Very little in the way of images constitutes chargeable obscenity these days, and nothing on the Handprints site comes close.

Handprints has been online for 22 years, without a peep of protest from any law enforcement entity - because the site is entirely legal. As for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), they are far too busy dealing with actual missing and exploited children to be bothered trying to rescue fictional children from make-believe spankings. You are free to report Handprints to them, but if you do so you'll just be wasting your time and theirs.}
7:26pm 05-24-2021
Another great update. Thank you, Handprints.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome!}
12:45am 04-28-2021
Will there be another Rude Rumps update soon??

{HandPrince replies: Rude is busy creating an autobiographical graphic novel at the moment. That project is occupying her energies for the foreseeable future.}
11:17pm 04-27-2021
I have a question for Rude Rumps, if she happens to follow this page or if it can be relayed to her - The was majority of her images depict very mild spankings, at most a couple of licks with the belt, but she does mention fantasies about a Victorian orphanage and things like that. Are the mild spankings a personal preference, or is it that anything above that is deemed too controversial?

{HandPrince replies: Rude has produced some images involving harsher punishments. But I didn't want to put them on Handprints. Some comic art has been successfully prosecuted in the USA showing severe punishments of minors. Also, the harsher stuff doesn't really fit with the general vibe of the website.}
8:17am 04-26-2021
Sorry to read you are nor feeling well and I hope your health soon improves.
Strangely, I quite enjoy waiting for an update. It nearly always contains at least one surprise. Maybe work by a new artist, I still remember the excitement of seeing KD and Lee Warner for the first time (to mention just two artist I first encoutered on this site). Or maybe new work by one of my favourite artists, or maybe, a sketch or illustration that grabs my attention and makes me stop to say YES!!!
I eagerly await the next update, but until you feel well enough to do it I shall enjoy anticipating what it will contain.
Get well soon.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks, I am feeling better actually. I mentioned that my mother died awhile back, and at the moment I'm involved with stuff related to settling her estate. HP isn't a high priority for me at the moment. However, I promise there will be an update eventually. I just can't promise exactly when.}
12:49am 04-25-2021
I am sorry you have not been feeling well! I hope it isn't something serious! Hope you feel better soon!

{HandPrince replies: Thanks! I do feel better now.}
10:49am 04-21-2021
Why no new art in almost 2 months whats the deal with that

{HandPrince replies: There will be an update, but I'm not sure precisely when. I haven't been feeling well lately.}
6:59am 04-14-2021
Hello. I love all the work done here. A life long admirer of the topic and would love to be a part of the community. Email me if you would like to chat
8:15am 04-13-2021
I just want to thank rude rumps for all the amazing drawings. I have enjoyed them many times! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help
7:03pm 04-08-2021
I was wondering if Lee Warner is gonna do any more drawings cause I use to like them

{HandPrince replies: Lee Warner has indicated that he's retired from spanking art.}
2:29pm 04-07-2021
Uncle Dave

Homepage url
Thanks for the kind comments, Bill!
As taught me by my father, even if unintentional, a spanking has always been to me much more than the simple smacking of a bare bottom.
Listening at the door to my sister being chastised, or that dreadful wait in my bedroom until my father arrived, the scolding, the slow careful preparation of my bottom or my sisters, and the requirement to take the punishment with 'quiet decorum' ,all combined to make a spanking for me a mind blowing experience.
No 'Wham...Bam.....Thank You Ma'am' in my home!
My father was not the only one who chastised my sister and I when we were growing up - My father's sister, Aunt June, I am sure relished taking on that task when she took on the responsibility of babysitting my sister and I.
I have a tale or two to tell if you are interested?
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