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11:40pm 11-15-2018
Sorry for your loss Handprints!! Six years ago my dad had Cancer and pneumonia took his life from him!! So I know exactly how you feel right now!! It takes time to heal!! be strong and hang in there!! And thanks for the updates!!
2:05pm 11-10-2018
Dark Angel
So very sorry for your loss, may her soul rest in peace
5:10am 11-10-2018

Homepage url
Dear HP, I'm very sorry for your loss and send all light and love and I hope you are doing okay. I hope that you have family and friends to support you.

With this said, thank you for a huge update. Know that you also have the support from all your fans here.
1:18pm 11-07-2018
Oh, Handprints, I am so sorry...
11:33pm 11-06-2018
It wasn’t.

Or recent loss.
11:10am 11-06-2018
spanking 2000
Very sorry for your recent loss.
1:01am 11-06-2018
Handprints, so terribly sorry to hear about your mother. Sending you love at your time of grieve. I hope you are surrounded by love and support.
3:38pm 11-04-2018
Very sorry for your recent loss.
12:28pm 11-04-2018
Foster parents etc, aren’t allowed to spank? No one told them. They open and proudly did it.

When I was young in hospital. Nurses who looked after me didn’t think twice about putting me over their knee.
And no so long ago.

I suppose you think of this as abuse at Handprints.
I never did.
1:43am 11-04-2018
I think I’m probably unique in this. I was never spanked by my parents.

But I was certainly given very often spanked, etc and disciplined alot by others. (And overspanked maybe.) When I was taken away. Foster parents, guardians, aunts uncles. At nursery, teachers in school. (Even when in hospital.)

This was a very good thing I was. Because I wasn't after. And soon went back there being very naughty and disobedient, rude, and not so well dressed and generally ill disciplined. It should've gone on longer.

I think no doubt deliberately to make up for it, knowing I wasn’t.

HandPrince replies: I don't wish to pry into matters personal and painful for you. Your post raised questions in my mind which you are free to ignore if you prefer. I do wonder who spanked you in the hospital. And foster parents aren't permitted to spank foster children, (although perhaps it was different when you were growing up).
1:26am 11-04-2018
Are there any more good links at
Or other sites with similar real experiences?

There used to be a good site called something like this.

He closed down in 2011.
4:59pm 10-21-2018

Homepage url
I've written a number of spanking-themed verses. First, two that are based on something I read about in a college newspaper. The first issue of the new year had pieces about new staff members, and one was titled, "Caught Red-Handed." It described how, when she was five, cookies were mysteriously disappearing from the jar in the kitchen -- until once, when Alison's mother had come downstairs late at night for some reason, she found her with her hand in the jar. Alison reportedly then said, "You can spank me in a moment, Mommy, but first let me finish this cookie." The paper was unable to get family members to confirm this story, but it inspired me to write this limerick:

Wee Alison Mom's cookies did crave
And each night to steal them made brave
One night, Mom made her jump
And reddened her rump
I'll bet then she learned to behave!

But I decided this didn't scan satisfactorily, so then I wrote this:

Young Alison loved her mom's cookies
And if she will now be candid
She used to pilfer them every night --
Until she was caught red-handed

"I'll finish this first, and then pay the price,"
She said -- but, for this impertinence,
In a flash she found herself over Mom's knee,
Learning about ass-hurtinence!

More later.
11:58pm 10-17-2018
Oooh look! A Cricket!

Looks like HP is busy with his other life again.

HP Paaaay attention to meeeeeeee!!!!

Or you know, keep doing what you are doing. Thanks again for maintaining this site for so long.
7:55am 10-08-2018
How come no more updates one galleries?
We all miss the drawings.
1:09am 09-23-2018
My behavior wasn't helping,
Mommy'd 'had it with my crap.'
So she said I'd get a skelping
From my father with The Strap.

My poor heart ran cold with terror
When she told me of my fate.
"Mommy! Please! I'll behave better!"
But by then it was too late.

Mommy said, "The matter's closed,
Not one more word out of you!
You'll behave as you're supposed
Or you'll get my hairbrush, too!"

I stamped hard up to my room,
My displeasure to display.
But Mom's angry tread of doom,
Filled my heart with fresh dismay.

Looking back across my shoulder.
I knew just what Mommy planned.
How it made my heart grow colder,
Seeing The Hairbrush in her hand!

Fleeing to my room in panic,
I cried, "Mommy I'll be good!"
But by now I'd made her manic,
So my bottom 'got the wood.'

Down across her knee she turned me,
Pulled my panties to my thighs.
Oh how Mommy's hairbrush burned me,
As it smacked my bare backside!

"Corner time!" she snapped on parting.
All my naughtiness was done.
There I waited, bottom smarting,
For my strapping yet to come.

Mommy'd made my fanny smelt,
With that hardwood brush of hers.
But the sting of Daddy's belt,
Surely would be so much worse!
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