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Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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4:34pm 02-15-2019
Many years ago I found an old parenting book that had an illustration of a little girl (determined because of the ponytail) with her forearms resting on a stool and her bare bum towards the reader. Under this adorable drawing was the caption "Sometimes the quickest way to a kid's brain is through her bottom." Sadly I lost the photocopy I took of that drawing and could never find the book again no matter how I looked.

Each time I visit the HP's site I think of that drawing. I doubt I'll ever seen that drawing again but I can hope.
6:55am 02-15-2019
Love the additions in Gallery 218, especially the ones (2883, 2884, 2885) done by "LQ" - they remind me of Cannibal Khan and Lee Warner's work. Hope we see more of this artist soon!
10:05pm 02-08-2019

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I posted this 5 years ago this month, and thought it was worth reposting. - HP

Before I ever started the Handprints site, I went to New York City for a personal consultation with a first amendment lawyer who specialized in defending people accused of violating the chi1d p0rnography statutes. I wanted to make sure the website I envisioned would be entirely within the law. He said "chi1d p0rnography is any photographic material which a prosecutor can successfully convince a jury is chi1d p0rnography." Paintings and drawings, on the other hand, are legal unless a prosecutor can prove they are "obscene," which is far more difficult and is impossible in cases where the image has redeeming artistic value of any sort.

Photos of children in bathing suits playing on the beach DO qualify as child porn if the prosecutor can convince a jury that you find them erotic, especially if the images focus on the children's clothed bottoms or pubic area. That means that if you download a family photo of a child in a bathing suit jumping over a wave at the beach, and then crop it so that her buttocks outlined under her bathing suit fill the picture, that makes it potentially prosecutable as child porn. In the United States versus Knox (1994) the US Supreme Court upheld a standard of "chi1d p0rnography" which includes images in which minors not only are not engaged in sexually explicit activity, but aren't even nude. Mr. Knox ordered a video through the mail featuring 10-17 year old girls in underwear, bathing suits and leotards dancing, with the camera zooming in on the area of their clothing which covered their genital areas. Knox got several years in prison for this non-nude, non-sexual video. He thought the video was legal. A prosecutor convinced a jury otherwise and Knox went to prison as a result.

"Chi1d p0rnography," under US law, means "photographic depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct." Title 18 U.S.C. § 2256 defines "minor" as anyone under 18 years of age, and defines "sexually explicit conduct" to include, "actual OR SIMULATED... sadistic or masochistic abuse." So a posed photo of an adult with a bare bottomed minor across their lap with their hand in the air as if preparing to administer the first spank WOULD qualify as child porn if the prosecutor can convince a jury that you find fantasies involving spanked minors erotic. Having a hard drive full of legal Handprints type drawings will be more than sufficient for a prosecutor establish that kind of interest on your part, even though the Handprints images themselves are completely legal.

Home movies of actual spankings of nonconsenting children totally qualify as child porn if you possess them and if you can be shown to have a fetish for that sort of thing. And "possession" can mean simply having a recoverable version of the picture or video in your browser's cache or temp folder even if you never actually took the step of saving a copy. Deleting such a file after you save it still leaves a copy on your computer for which you may potentially be prosecuted. Even if you overwrite the file with other data, forensic data recovery specialists can use statistical methods to go through your hard drive bit domain by bit domain and reconstruct the file and thus prove you once possessed it unless you overwrite it multiple times with random data using a file shredding program.

Back in the 70's there was a digest sized magazine which had only one issue. It was called "Child Discipline" and included stories, some 19th and 20th century juvenile spanking art, and a couple of photos of adults and children posing with the child over the adult's knee bottom bared as if for a spanking. Finding this was a revelation for me because it was the first proof I had that I wasn't the only person in the world who was "this way." But I threw away my copy many years ago to comply with a new possession law at my State level. Anyone who frequents the Handprints site who possesses material like that, either in hard copy form or on your hard drive is strongly advised to do likewise. Keep in mind that if you live in the USA, your State also has its own child porn statutes and in some cases they are even stricter than the Federal statutes.

If you have a spanking fetish and you so much as look at an online photo or video of even a posed pretend spanking of a real minor or even of someone who appears to be a real minor, you are putting yourself at risk not merely of imprisonment, but of imprisonment as a sadistic kiddie beating pervert whom the other prison inmates will want to jump in the shower and ram a shiv between your ribs the first chance they get. To survive your years behind bars, you may need to be in protective custody, which means "the hole," a prison within a prison, in which you can expect your food to be urinated in and laced with broken glass daily because everyone on staff will know which tray of food is going to that scumsucking dirtbag sadistic child porn lover in isolation cell #2. Do you think you could handle that for 5-10 years straight?

Anyone who tells you that a photo or video of a real or simulated spanking of a real minor is legal for fetishists to collect in the USA is either ignorant or lying and possibly a cop hoping to entrap you. If you value your freedom, stay way from such stuff. And if anyone contacts you to offer or ask about such material, assume them to be a cop and shun them. If you get anything like this in the mail, immediately hand it in to your local post office and fill out their form asking not to be sent such material in the future; it was almost certainly agents from the Postal Inspection Service who mailed it to you in the first place, not your fellow spankos, and if you hand it in and fill out the complaint form the Inspectors will cross you off their list and focus on entrapping some other poor sucker rather than you. Stick to drawings and cartoons and fiction. Your fetish isn't worth dying in prison for.

And I would appreciate it if everyone would please not post links in the Handprints Guestbook leading to sites with home movies or homemade photos of child spankings. Aside from the legal jeopardy of viewing such material, there is also the moral and ethical issue of supporting the exploitation of a child for the delectation of adult fetishists on the internet. Drawings, cartoons and fiction are free of this problem as well.

When I was a child, I felt awful when I knew my cute little sister was about to get a spanking. I wished it wasn't going to happen to her. But at the same time, I always felt an overwhelming driven urgent need to watch, or at least, to overhear. Afterwards, I felt like dirt. When I see links to sites with videos or photos of actual child spankings, I feel a twinge of that same urge today. But there is no way I am going to jail for this fetish of mine. And besides, I know that if I did succumb to temptation out of weakness and did view such a site, I would once again feel like dirt afterwards, at least if the photographic material was of real spankings. And even faked child spanking photos like the ones in "Child Discipline" leave a bad taste in my mouth aside from their illegality; I worry about the child, if she was forced into the photo session, if she will be telling therapists about it in 20 years, etc. Who needs that on your conscience?
7:50am 02-02-2019

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Thanks for all your recent updates, HP!

{HandPrince: You're welcome! :-) }
2:17pm 01-30-2019
In Drawings 218, Various2866 is rotated 90 degs when opened.

{HandPrince replies: That is really bizarre. I've never seen anything like that happen before. The image I uploaded is oriented correctly. The only thing I tried which worked was to give the file an entirely new filename and redo the page link. It's right side up now. Thanks for letting me know.}
3:49pm 01-28-2019

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While surfing the web, I happened upon a reference to a study child discipline practices in middle and lower-class families in 1963. This is the era in which I grew up. I used to look sidelong at my female classmates at school and wonder how often, and in what manner, they were spanked at home. This study consisted of a survey form filled out by seventh graders (age ~12 years) in Ohio and North Carolina.

Girls from large families, who had three or more siblings, were more likely to still be physically punished at than age than girls from smaller families, although spankings still weren't rare among girls in smaller families. The authors of the study suggested that parents with larger numbers of children find it more difficult to used reasoning-based approaches to discipline and are more likely to favor spankings, which result in obedience without requiring that the child understand or agree with the rule the parents wish to enforce.

As many as 38% of girls from small lower class families, who were an only child or who had just one sibling, reported that they were physically punished at least occasionally at this age. More of them came from homes where mothers administered the punishment than fathers, although nearly a sixth of these girls were spanked by their fathers, either exclusively or in conjunction with their mothers.

As many as 82% of girls from large lower class families, with two or more siblings, reported that they were physically punished at least occasionally at this age. They were twice as likely to be spanked by their mothers and more than twice as likely to be spanked by their fathers compared to lower class girls from small families. As with the smaller lower class families, mothers were more likely to administer spankings to their daughters in these homes, although more than a third of the girls reported that their fathers spanked them, either exclusively or in conjunction with their mothers.

As many as 36% of girls from small middle class families, who were an only child or who had just one sibling, reported that they were physically punished at least occasionally at this age. Both mothers and fathers were equally likely to administer their spankings.

As many as 50% of girls from large middle class families with two or more siblings, revealed that they were still subject to physical punishment from one or both of their parents, with mothers being somewhat more likely than fathers to administer spankings to their daughters in their home.

The authors write:

"In our society as well as in others there is greater pressure toward nurturance, obedience and responsibility in girls and self-reliance and achievement in boys. Lower-class fathers may therefore stress obedience and responsibility less in rearing their sons than in rearing their daughters."

"Family-size effects are particularly strong with respect to the frequency with which lower-class girls report physical discipline. A comparison of large and small families shows that a girl in a large lower-class family is twice as likely to report being disciplined in this manner as is her counterpart in a small family... Lower-class girls... are more likely to be disciplined by father in the large rather than small family."

"To middle-class parents, it is of primary importance that a child be able to decide for himself how to act, and that he have personal resources to act on these decisions -- to working-class parents, on the other hand, it is of primary importance that the child act reputably, that he not transgress proper rules... Methods such as physical punishment, which inhibit self-reliance and which curtail disapproved behavior without facilitating the learning of parental values and norms, tend to be favored more by parents of lower-class status."

"Since parental control and punitive discipline are most common in [large lower-class families], girls may feel rebellious towards adult authority. This type of home may, in fact, produce daughters who are anything but obedient and responsible... Restrictive and punitive control on girls in large lower-class families may, when combined with their relatively small chances of social advancement by means of education beyond high school, encourage early departure from school, early entry into the labor market, and early marriage as available means of escape."

"Family Structure and Child-Rearing Patterns:
The Effect of Family Size and Sex Composition"
Glen H. Elder, Jr. and Charles E. Bowerman
American Sociological Review
Vol. 28, No. 6 (Dec., 1963), pp. 891-905
2:44pm 01-02-2019
Note: on drawings 216, link that should go to various2792.jpg actually goes to various2790.png

{HandPrince replies: Oops! Thanks for letting me know about this. The link is fixed now.}
2:48pm 12-22-2018

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Today I'd like to submit my limericks on the theme of "naughty boys."

A young man of ten named Zeke
Back-talked his mom to a pique.
She took him by the ear
And horse-whipped his rear
So he couldn’t sit down for a week!

My mommy’s impeccably fair;
Whenever I need her she’s there.
There’s just this ingredient:
When I’m disobedient
My bottom ends up in the air!

I love you to pieces, young man;
For you all the best is my plan.
So, when you misbehave,
I just have to be brave
And thoroughly redden your can!

I do try to be a good lad
But sometimes I fall short just a tad.
I’ll beg an excuse
But I know it’s no use –
I need my bum whipped when I’m bad!
4:34am 12-22-2018

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Thank you for a bunch of great updates, HP!

Who is depicted on the picture Various 2710?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

{HandPrince replies: Variouss2710 is a mid 20th century image from a Zippo cigarette lighter ad, with which I took some textual liberties.}
1:55pm 12-21-2018

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I composed this poem the night before last. Like the twelve-liner preceding it, it kept me up quite a while, even though I never left my bed

Love Talk

“Daddy, why is it you sometimes spank me?
"I'm glad you asked, son, and I think you'll thank me.
You see, sometimes when you misbehave
You must urgently learn not to be a knave
And that till you get sufficiently old
You simply must always do as you're told."
"But Daddy, I really want to be good!"
“Absolutely, son, that's understood!
But little boys lack self-control
And that's why it's a daddy's role
To make you feel the need to mind
With a vigorous spanking on your behind
So that when you're tempted to do something bad
You'll think better of it!" "Oh, Dad,
I'm glad that you've explained that to me
Because now I can clearly see
When you pull down my pants and punish my rear
It's out of concern for my future career!"
“Son, I'm so glad you understand
That when I paddle you with my hand
It's only to give you what you need
To help ensure that you succeed,
And when you suddenly see me tower above you,
What you have coming is because I love you!"
"Yes, Daddy -- I understand now!
So that even when I'm saying 'ow'
I'll have the knowledge deep inside
That it's really for me you're tanning my hide!"
“Son, I'm glad we agree. Let's hug!"
"I love you, Dad! Hey, why'd you tug
My PJs down?" “To reassure you right now
That I'm still the one in charge!" SMACK! "Owww!"
6:56pm 12-20-2018

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Many of my poems, including the first several I wrote years ago, are limericks about teen girls in trouble. Here are as many as I can remember of the early ones, plus a few I came up with more recently.

There’s a local girl named Nance
Who snuck off with her beau from the dance.
When her parents got wind
Over a knee she was pinned –
Now she’s known as Nance Smarting Pants!

A saucy minx called Kerry
With all the young men made merry.
Mom and Dad disapproved;
Those panties, they removed.
Now her bottom’s as red as a cherry!

I know a young lady named Lana
Who took a puff of marijuana.
Betrayed by her sister,
Now her butt’s one big blister –
And she had to say “Thank you, Mama.”

There once was a naughty young trollop
Who sucked out of her boyfriend a dollop.
When her dad, with a frown,
Hauled her face-down,
That cute heinie got many a wallop!

I know a full-bottomed young lass
Who could never resist giving sass.
Under new rules, she’s learning
Any more will be earning
Her quite a fierce pain in the ass!

A pretty teenager named Joy
Could never say no to a boy.
Dad called her a slut
And paddled her butt --
Now she's finally learned to be coy!
4:11pm 12-19-2018

Homepage url
I came up with this poem last night. except for the song parodies I posted previously, it's the longest piece of verse I've written. I hope you like it!

My mommy sometimes gives me swats
To improve the direction of my thoughts.
After she's made my heinie pay,
I find I don't want to disobey!

The feeling of my bottom burning
Seems somehow to aid my learning;
And when my tushie's smacked with wood
That really helps me to be good!

The stinging sizzle of the strap
Makes the most of my time over Mother's lap;
And when my behind has felt the cane
She says I'm not at all a pain!
4:52pm 12-17-2018

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If I had to name a favorite artist, it would have to be Lee Warner, for the realism in both style and depiction. (By the way, what pronoun do I use for this artist?)

Full conscious awareness of my spanking fetish developed gradually. I have no distinct memory of any one of the spankings I received as a child (all from my mother). Rather, it's a sort of stereotyped memory of how they all went. But I do have two distinct memories of things that happened subsequently.

One day when I was eight years old, my mother came to tell me that she would no longer be spanking me. She said that I was getting too big, and she too old, for it. (She was 45 or 46 at the time.) She explained that I would still be punished, in other ways, when it was called for.

When this conversation was over and I was alone, I realized I felt sad. But I couldn't understand why this was, so I didn't dwell on it. But later, while I was still eight, I started getting obsessed with my parents expressing more authority over me. I think this probably had to do with wanting something to compensate for a feeling of instability in the family situation (we'd lost our mortgage and were reduced to renting a couple rooms of the house from someone else), although I didn't make this connection at the time. This obsession was expressed in various ways, culminating in an incident in which I insisted I needed to be spanked by my father with a belt (I don't remember on what grounds), causing consternation in my parents who conferred away from me in another room. When they came back, he nominally complied with my request, using a belt made of soft material and slapping it against me very gently so that it didn't hurt at all.

Since nominally I'd been given what I wanted, I couldn't complain, but looking back on it, I think I got the message that they weren't going to really spank me and, further, that this was something that disturbed them and that I shouldn't bring up again. So shame became associated with these feelings from that moment, I think.
12:36pm 12-15-2018

Homepage url
Two of the spanking verses I've composed are takeoffs on classic pop songs. First, this one, to the tune of "Aquarius":

Spanking Aquarius

When brats are tearing up the house
And driving their parents to tears
It's ti-ime to remind them who's boss
By tear-earing up their rears!

There's no escaping it
It's time for a thrashing
Time for a thrashing
A thrashing
A thrashing

Turning bottoms up and over laps
Little undies pulled down to their knees
Soon there will be lots of squirming
And those heinies will be burning
And those naughty children learning

See those buns shine
See those buns shining
See those buns shin-ing

See those buns shine (ow, ow!)
See those buns shining
See those buns shin-ing
(fade out)

And this one is to the tune of Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There":

I'll Be There (Like It or Not)

You must know, when you've been bad
An accounting must be had
When you need a spanking
I'll be there

When you've gone and misbehaved
From punishment you won't be saved
When you need a spanking
I'll be there

I'll be there to punish you
When you start acting whiny
Give a whipping to your heinie
I'll make sure you pay the price
If you try and throw a fit
I'll make sure that you can't sit

Though it may sometimes make you blue
You know it's really good for you
When you need a spanking
I'll be there

I'll be there
I'll be there
To spank you with lo-ove
I'll be there
7:44pm 11-20-2018
Great update! Thanks for the hard work!
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