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8:45am 01-10-2021
@Lee. Thanks Lee, but there are at least 20 GJC drawings not included on Handprince. None of them are of boys and all of them are similar to the many examples already on site - no more or less nudity.
It is of course, completely HP's discretion as to what he chooses to feature on his site.

{HandPrince replies: email or post links to the ones which you think should be on Handprints, and I'll have a look at them.}
6:18am 01-09-2021
Lee Warner

Homepage url

@George - Aside from some sheets of rough sketches I haven't seen anything else by GJC that would be suitable for Handprince, of course only young girls are here, not boys. But maybe you have GJC drawings that would be suitable except they have too much nudity? If so I could redraw and "censor" so they might be posted if HP finds it okay -- I don't have time for serious work but that shouldn't take long.
5:35pm 01-07-2021
Another spank doll

{HandPrince replies: I'm old enough to remember the first doll advertised on TV. The second is new to me. Thanks!}
5:14pm 01-07-2021
Spank Baby doll
6:08am 01-01-2021
Given the extent of your excellent portfolio of artwork, I’m somewhat surprised that your George Jackson Churchward collection is incomplete. Is this by design? Have you been selective in choosing which drawings you exhibit here, or is it due to lack of access to GJCs full oeuvre?

Well done on producing this excellent site.
5:06pm 12-28-2020
Donald R Carroll

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Hello:;I am having a problem opening the sound file for Rude Rumps. Thank You Don

{HandPrince replies: I just checked it in three different browsers and it still seems to be working fine in all of them. Try pasting this link directly into the location bar of your browswer and see if that works:
10:33am 12-28-2020
Thank you for the best possible Christmas present, a new Handprints update. Maybe we should rename today Spankmas.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome! :-) }
10:28pm 11-30-2020
A couple of weeks ago I came upon a site named SPK Comics, which had spanking scenes from comic books, comic strips, manga, etc. going back over a hundred and thirty years.

I just saw your latest comic page and saw several familiar scenes.Have you also found this particular site?

{HandPrince replies: Yes, it is a nice resource.}
8:14pm 11-29-2020
Lee Warner
Another fine post, and not long after the last. You've been busy, and so have the artists! Some new ones I think, it's remarkable how much good new work there is (and old - those mangas!). Really appreciate that you document it all.
8:26pm 11-28-2020
Thank you for the wonderful selection of works in the latest update. I will enjoy studying the artwork at leisure over the next few days.
11:54am 11-22-2020
Toph Spanking Story

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I've completed a spanking themed short story starring Toph Beifong of Avatar the Last Airbender, illustrated by the incomparable AltCor! If you're interested in purchasing, the price is $10 or $2 if you're a member of my patreon, where you'll find other stories of heroines defeated (and often spanked).
1:19am 10-27-2020
Collected from the web:

When my brothers and I were kids, we were allowed to play outside in our neighborhood until the streetlights came on. Once those streetlights came on, all the kids headed home for supper and bedtime. Well, we were in the middle of building a fort in one of the vacant lots, and one of the boys had the bright idea to ignore the lights. Of course, once he said he wasn’t going home, we all had to do the same if we didn’t want to seem like sissies. As the only girl, I especially had to prove that I was tough.

So we continued building our fort as it got darker and darker outside. Suddenly headlights pulled into the vacant lot, and our Dad stepped out of his car. “Get. Home. Now.” he said. And we did.

My two older brothers were considered too old for spankings - they would get licks with Dad’s paddle in the garage where he did his woodworking. I was just young enough to still get a pants-down spanking instead of the paddle. My two younger brothers were in for the pants-down swats, too. The three of us trooped upstairs to the little boys’ room.

Dad fumbled around in my brothers’ toy box and pulled out a 2′ orange Hot Wheels Track.

Dad took a seat on the lower bunk bed. “Patrick,” he said, and my baby brother, age 4, burst into tears. Patrick walked over to Dad already rubbing his bottom and sobbing. Dad placed Pat over his left leg and used his right to secure Pat’s little legs between his. He pulled down Pat’s shorts and superhero briefs to expose his little bottom. Then, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat as Patrick’s sobs crescendoed. Dad gently pulled Pat’s clothes up over his red bottom and stood him up. Patrick’s face was bright red behind his many freckles.

“Michael,” Dad said, and my 6-year-old brother stepped forward, biting his lip and holding his hands together as if in prayer. Dad positioned him, exposed his bottom, and administered the seven swats as Michael also began to sob.

“Jean,” Dad said, and I put on my toughest face as I took my place over Dad’s knee and felt my jeans and panties being pulled down. Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat. As Dad gently pulled up my panties, I spat out the words, “That didn’t even hurt!”

Oh dear. I felt myself being secured between Dad’s legs again and my panties being pulled back down. Swat! Swat! Swat! Now I was sobbing. Swat! Swat! “I’m sorry!” I said. Swat! Swat! Dad gently pulled up my panties and jeans and stood me up. I was trembling as I listened to Dad’s lecture about coming home immediately when the streetlights came on.

Dad left the room to paddle our older brothers downstairs. Michael and Patrick both wanted to see the red marks on my bottom. They were in awe of their big sister who had taken two spankings in a row!


When I was in first grade our class was being loud and uncooperative. My teacher was a older lady that no doubt taught at a time where spanking was allowed in schools. I was trying to reach a glue stick on the top shelf of her cupboard and I had climbed up on a little ledge to get a boost. My teacher whom I’m sure hated me came over and lifted me down and gave me sound smack across my bottom. I was so shocked because spanking was not allowed in schools any more and the entire class had borne witness, including my twin sister. I remember vividly I was wearing sweat pants with elastic waistband that had no cushion and it felt like she has slapped me on my bare butt and sounded as much.

I went back to my desk and sat there with no clue to what the heck happened or what was to come. My sister told me later that day that the teacher pulled my pants down and slapped me on my bare butt and the whole class saw… and she was going to tell mom and dad when she got home. I felt like the teacher was in the wrong (she was!) and so when my sister told the story to my parents I wasn’t concerned. I was curious about their take on the whole thing. The conversation did not however go as I thought it would… there was no “how dare that teacher spank my child.” They asked my sister if I deserved a spanking from the teacher for climbing and she admitted to them the teacher had good reason! Then my mom asked how many spanks the teacher gave me and my sister said just one. My mom picked me up by the waist and carried me off to her room sat on her bed and flung me over her lap and stated she was going to finish what my teacher didn’t. The same sweat pants where pulled to my ankles almost unknowingly as they fit loosely and for some reason I was not wearing any panties that day so I realized that yes the teacher did in fact smack my bare bum as did my mom.

So even though I did not grow up in a time where a spanking at school should have happened, it did, and finished at home. My twin sister still teases me to this day about the entire class seeing my bare bum get smacked and she had no problem telling all the kids and my teacher that my mom finished the job later. It was so humiliating but my mom especially was one who believed when kids were bad they got a spanking, not a smack so I guess I wasn’t surprised to go over her knee at home. I did receive many spankings at home for my bad behaviour in school thanks to my twin sister for ratting me out. Funny thing is she constantly was a witness to my spankings and there was a lot of them but I saw her spanked only once, and clothed, by my dad. I don’t recall my mom spanking her ever but she was a princess and I was a Tomboy.


I was expected to behave anywhere my parents weren’t as if they we there. In my grade school class room our desks were out together in sets of six. I sat on the end. I was quite study time because it was too cold to go out for recess. The 2 kids on the other end would not stop talking so the whole table got in trouble. The teacher sent a note home for a parent signature. I had to lay on the sofa and take my panties down so my dad could spank me. I was spanked in the living room to be an example to my siblings. I told both parents I wasn’t the one of the ones who was talking. The next day the girl next to me told me she got spanked. I then told her I did too.


One time when I was 12, I wanted to go somewhere with my 2 girlfriends. I had a habit of asking to do something with my friends standing with me so in my mind she wouldn’t say no. I had been warned several times not to do so. I did it again and her reply was the only place your going is into your room for a spanking.

I went to my room and sat on my bed because I didn’t think she would spank me. Most of the times she said that she didn’t follow through. This time she came in and told me to stand up. I hesitated but eventually stood up. She took ahold of my arm a began spanking me. I jerked out of her hold. The next thing I knew she had grabbed the back of my shorts and yanked them down to my knees and pushed me down on my bed. She really spanked me, harder than I’d ever been spanked. She covered my entire butt and tops of my thighs. I was told to stay in my room for the rest of the day. She also said that if I was to need another spanking from then on it would be with my panties down and with a paint stirring stick (they were made of wood in the 70’s). I only received 2 more spankings in my life, but she held to her word. Both times it was for snotty attitude. Both times she broke the stick on my butt.


My mom kept a wood spoon atop the fridge. If you earned a spanking she took you into the living room, closed the door, had you hike up your skirt or drop your pants, bend over the arm of the sofa, and pop pop pop she went to town. Usually somewhere between 1/2 your age in swats on up to your age in swats (depending on offense). ONCE she took a belt to me, but that was her atomic option only if you REALLY messed up.
11:04pm 10-26-2020
Collected from the web:

When I was was a little girl and got punished, I tended to feel sorry for myself and didn't understand why every little rule had to be enforced. That changed when I was 9 and in the middle of getting spanked for breaking some fairly minor rule. I was over her lap getting spanked on my bare bottom with a wooden spoon. I stopped crying for a second, looked up at her, and said "Can't we talk about the rules?!?" She told me to get back in place. When she had spanked some more, she let me cry it out, then sat me up on her lap and said "Love, we can talk about the rules, but not when you are in the middle of breaking them."

I don't know why, but right then it seemed like the most logical thought ever spoken, and I was never prouder to have her for a mother. It just perfectly summarized what our respective places in the family were. So when she said "Now you have to get a few more for your backtalk" I flopped back down without a word of protest even though I was already hurting like heck. My attitude changed for good after that. I can't remember a single time after that I ever resented any punishment she decided to give.


My mother was born in 1913, and was raised by her dad after her mom died in the 1918 flu pandemic. He didn’t like to spank. But because, mom said, she was a ‘boisterous’ child, he had to, occasionally.

Girls still wore lots of petticoats and he always spanked her through her dress, rather than pull her skirts up and spank her bloomers.

She would stand in front of him and push her hips forward, leaving only petticoats for him to whack that belt against. But she would howl loudly as if it hurt a lot, when it really wasn’t even getting to her butt!

And, it never failed - if she made enough fuss, the next day he would go out and buy her a new dress, because he felt so guilty.

She was the best-dressed girl in her school!


One of the worst spankings have seen was when my aunt and uncle came back from a family trip.

As they got home my cousin, 10 at that time, was in a real bad mood. I heard my aunt yelling at her and told her to get in the house and go to your room. As I was at the car she slammed the car door shut catching my fingers in it. I just screamed in pain as they opened the door up, and my uncle went right after my cousin. My aunt brought me into the house and to get some ice for my hand.

As we walked into the kitchen my uncle had my cousin over his knee yelling at her. My aunt went to the stove and handed my uncle a wooden spoon. I remember my cousin laying over his knee with her pants on the floor and only her underwear on. She was screaming "no! no! I'm sorry!" but as bad as she was apparently she had it coming prior to trapping my hand in the door.

Her spanking started and the smacks of the spoon rained on her little backside. The screaming and crying started almost right away but that didn't matter. After it seemed like the spanking stopped her dad yelled at her about everything she had done to deserve the spanking she was getting. Round 2… the spanking started again for another 2 or 3 minutes it seemed like. Surprisingly I was allowed to stand there and watch.

After it all stopped he asked her what do you have to say for yourself and to your cousin. All I remember hearing was her saying “I hate you…I hate you!" as she lay there crying. Her pulled her panties down took his belt off and landed 10 strokes with the belt on her very very red buttocks. After that she was just screaming and she was let up and jumping around. I felt so bad but seeing her get spanked I couldn't look away.


As a little girl, my parents’ go-to punishment was pants down or dress flipped up, underpants pulled to expose my bottom.

At home, Dad would often use a Hot Wheels track, while Mom preferred the wooden spoon. Mom didn’t spank in public and would wander away if Dad was going to spank me or one of my brothers. She found it embarrassing.

In public Dad had to use his hand since he didn’t carry Hot Wheels tracks around with him. Usually I was spanked for “smart-mouthing.” The words would come out of my mouth, and the next thing I knew, I was over Dad’s knee with my bottom exposed and seven good hard wallops reddening my bottom.

I know I was spanked fairly often in public, but I specifically remember being spanked at Disney World. I was six, and the weather was really hot, and I was grouchy. My parents were trying to figure out when the parade was happening and if we should stay for the parade, and I kept interrupting to say that I wanted to go back to the hotel and go swimming.

Mom told me to hush while she and Dad figured out what we were going to do, and I said, “It’s not my fault you guys didn’t plan ahead. Stupids!” Oh dear. There was a bench nearby, and Dad had my shorts down and was administering seven loud smacks before I knew what was happening. Afterwards I lay quietly on the bench rubbing my bottom while Mom and Dad made their decisions.

I was a nervy kid, and I don’t remember being particularly embarrassed or even upset about my spankings. They just shut me up and put me in a kind of state of shock. I remember that I had a red hand mark sticking out under my shorts for quite a while, and one of my brothers comforted me with a piece of candy.
11:05am 10-24-2020

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Thanks for another two great updates!
11:17pm 10-21-2020
Rude Rumps
I LOVE the doll spanking pictures!! They bring back quite a few Barbies got spanked so much it wore out their bottoms I'm afraid...and yes one had red marker on her bottom permanently
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