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Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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8:13pm 02-26-2021
It’s most unlikely Professor Snape was fooled by the voice throwing, much more likely he was happy to use it as an excuse to give young Hermione a well-earned spanking. As he says during the spanking, she is ‘insolent, arrogant, pompous and disrespectful,’ so she has earned the spanking even if she doesn't deserve it on this occasion. In any case, nobody visiting this site is going to begrudge him the joy of spanking such a delectable young bottom.
7:57pm 02-21-2021
I agree with Bill. Good to see that despite his magical powers Professor Snape still prefers the old fashioned 'hands on' method of delivering a spanking. Much more fun for him and us, although Hermione might not agree.

{HandPrince adds: You'd think, though, that Professor Snape, being accustomed to managing classrooms full of budding young wizards, wouldn't be so easily fooled by children throwing their voices in order get one another into trouble.}
11:48am 02-20-2021
Thanks for the update. Especially like the work from Alt Cor in gallery 238. Always thought young Grainger needed a good spanking. The added humiliation of getting it bare in front of the whole class will do her a world of good.
5:49pm 02-15-2021

Homepage url
Here is a true story of a 1st grade girl getting spanked at school by her teacher. It's read by the spankee herself, and acted out by her grandchildren.

Be sure to hit the Like button if you are a youtube subscriber.

But please don't put any creepy spanko stuff in the Comments section. Remember that it is a G-rated children's book channel. This is wise policy for us on other G-rated aimed-at-children spanking content online as well. If we enjoy such content, and wish to see more of it, let's not post comments which would tend to discourage or upset its creators.

8:18pm 01-23-2021
Thanks for the latest update.
3:06am 01-23-2021

Homepage url
Thanks for another update, HP!

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome!}
6:36pm 01-20-2021
I'm sorry, I think you may have misunderstood my intention. I wasn't offering to send you the missing GJC work, more wondering if you'd intentionally chosen not to feature them.
A search on "GJC spanking" will lead you to a great number of Churchward's work.
There's a good few here,, for instance, that you don't have on the site.
But as I said, it's your prerogative to use whatever you wish to use.

{HandPrince replies: It was never my intention to feature GJC's entire portfolio.}
8:45am 01-10-2021
@Lee. Thanks Lee, but there are at least 20 GJC drawings not included on Handprince. None of them are of boys and all of them are similar to the many examples already on site - no more or less nudity.
It is of course, completely HP's discretion as to what he chooses to feature on his site.

{HandPrince replies: email or post links to the ones which you think should be on Handprints, and I'll have a look at them.}
6:18am 01-09-2021
Lee Warner

Homepage url

@George - Aside from some sheets of rough sketches I haven't seen anything else by GJC that would be suitable for Handprince, of course only young girls are here, not boys. But maybe you have GJC drawings that would be suitable except they have too much nudity? If so I could redraw and "censor" so they might be posted if HP finds it okay -- I don't have time for serious work but that shouldn't take long.
5:35pm 01-07-2021
Another spank doll

{HandPrince replies: I'm old enough to remember the first doll advertised on TV. The second is new to me. Thanks!}
5:14pm 01-07-2021
Spank Baby doll
6:08am 01-01-2021
Given the extent of your excellent portfolio of artwork, I’m somewhat surprised that your George Jackson Churchward collection is incomplete. Is this by design? Have you been selective in choosing which drawings you exhibit here, or is it due to lack of access to GJCs full oeuvre?

Well done on producing this excellent site.
5:06pm 12-28-2020
Donald R Carroll

Homepage url

Hello:;I am having a problem opening the sound file for Rude Rumps. Thank You Don

{HandPrince replies: I just checked it in three different browsers and it still seems to be working fine in all of them. Try pasting this link directly into the location bar of your browswer and see if that works:
10:33am 12-28-2020
Thank you for the best possible Christmas present, a new Handprints update. Maybe we should rename today Spankmas.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome! :-) }
10:28pm 11-30-2020
A couple of weeks ago I came upon a site named SPK Comics, which had spanking scenes from comic books, comic strips, manga, etc. going back over a hundred and thirty years.

I just saw your latest comic page and saw several familiar scenes.Have you also found this particular site?

{HandPrince replies: Yes, it is a nice resource.}
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