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12:49am 04-25-2021
I am sorry you have not been feeling well! I hope it isn't something serious! Hope you feel better soon!

{HandPrince replies: Thanks! I do feel better now.}
10:49am 04-21-2021
Why no new art in almost 2 months whats the deal with that

{HandPrince replies: There will be an update, but I'm not sure precisely when. I haven't been feeling well lately.}
6:59am 04-14-2021
Hello. I love all the work done here. A life long admirer of the topic and would love to be a part of the community. Email me if you would like to chat
8:15am 04-13-2021
I just want to thank rude rumps for all the amazing drawings. I have enjoyed them many times! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help
7:03pm 04-08-2021
I was wondering if Lee Warner is gonna do any more drawings cause I use to like them

{HandPrince replies: Lee Warner has indicated that he's retired from spanking art.}
2:29pm 04-07-2021
Uncle Dave

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Thanks for the kind comments, Bill!
As taught me by my father, even if unintentional, a spanking has always been to me much more than the simple smacking of a bare bottom.
Listening at the door to my sister being chastised, or that dreadful wait in my bedroom until my father arrived, the scolding, the slow careful preparation of my bottom or my sisters, and the requirement to take the punishment with 'quiet decorum' ,all combined to make a spanking for me a mind blowing experience.
No 'Wham...Bam.....Thank You Ma'am' in my home!
My father was not the only one who chastised my sister and I when we were growing up - My father's sister, Aunt June, I am sure relished taking on that task when she took on the responsibility of babysitting my sister and I.
I have a tale or two to tell if you are interested?
9:51am 04-04-2021
I really enjoyed Uncle Dave's story about witnessing his sister's spanking and strapping. Lucky boy! Thanks for a candid and well written tale. I would love to have had the opportunity to see my sister or a neighbor girl punished like that. Certainly dreamed about it often at that age. Heck, I still do.
6:28am 04-02-2021
Hello I hope everyone is safe and healthy.
It has been awhile since last update, hopefully we will see one soon.

Happy Spanking Easter!!!!!
11:39am 03-22-2021
Uncle Dave

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Father took a couple of pillows and placed one on top of the other at the end of the bed. He then ordered his daughter to bend over and ‘present’ her bottom. Having experienced this I knew what was about to come, but I enjoyed hearing him inform Lisa of it after she had taken up position.
“Now Lisa, raise you buttocks up and unclench your cheeks!!!...Good girl!...That is what you must do before each stroke of the strap!...Understood?:
“Yes, sir!”, replied my sister in a voice she had probably not used since she was five.
“Now, Lisa!”, Father continued, “You will receive 13 strokes of the strap, one for each year of your age, on your fully bared bottom and backs of thighs.!...After properly presenting your bottom and a stroke is delivered you will count it and then thank me for it!”
“But 13 strokes, Daddy!”, Lisa wailed in her little girl voice.
“You are right, Lisa!” replied Father, “13 is an unlucky number, so we will make it 14!”
Lisa was wise enough not to protest further as Father continued :“You will take each stroke with quiet decorum, that being without any loud cries or unnecessary movements!....If you fail to follow any of these instructions the stroke will not be counted and will be repeated. ..Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir” croaked my unfortunate sister again.
“Well repeat them for me, Lisa!....You will find you will do well to follow them to the letter”
“Before you give me a stroke of the strap I must present my bottom by lifting it and unclenching my bottom cheeks!....After you have delivered a stroke I must count it and thank you for it!...I must take each stroke quietly, and without moving to much!!!.......Oh. Daddy, I don’t know if I will be able to do that!!”
“You must, Lisa, otherwise you will end up receiving many more than the allotted 14!...Now go on!”
“Oh Daddy!!” wailed poor girl.
“Do you want strokes added before we even start, Lisa?” thundered my father.
“No, Daddy!:, implored the stricken girl.
“Then go on with the rules!”
“For any stroke, if I do not follow all the rules, the stroke will be discounted and repeated”
“Good girl!” replied |Father almost tenderly.
As I told you, I had first experienced the tawse applied to my bare bottom, after a sound spanking with Father’s hand, when I was 12. I had to follow the same rules as Father was laying out to my sister. I had started out to receive 12 strokes, the same number as my age, but I recall clearly I ended up receiving 16, as 4 were discounted and repeated .for various infractions. I was excited to see how my sister might make out with this, her first experience of a bare bottom tawsing.
Unfortunately for her, but not for me, she ended up doing rather badly, with 6 uncounted and repeated strokes for a total of 20. Two times she did not present her bottom properly, resulting in the stroke being applied but not counted, then on three occasions she did not display the required ‘quiet decorum’ yelling out so loudly, causing those three strokes to be discounted and repeated,,
But it was the sixth infraction I will always remember!....Father delivered a particularly hard blow, and Lisa turned on her back as she tried desperately to come to terms with the waves of agony surging from buttock to brain. With her hands under her, clutching her bottom, her bare thighs wide open, her feet on the floor, I had a perfect view of her vagina. I had only seen a vagina in books during sex education at school, or once Doris Potter, my next door neighbour, and schoolmate, let me have a brief glimpse when I bribed her with a chocolate bar to lift her skirt and pull down the front of her knickers. The view my sister gave me was much more impressive! With her buttocks elevated by her hands, thighs spread, the lips of her vagina opened wide, encircled by a delightful muff of peach fuzz, I could visually inspect every detail!
And what else did I experience during that memorable thrashing you might ask?....Of course as I watched, my eyes so wide, as Father punished so severely my sister, my penis stiffened painfully. I thought of unzipping my fly and letting it free, but as my body, was so rigid, and my attention was so focused on the state of my sister’s buttocks, I simply did not. It must have been after the sixth stroke that I felt that familiar excitement rise in my crotch, and without any aid from my hand, my penis delivered a huge spurt of semen into the front of my underpants. The feeling, if anything, was even more intense than that first time I had ejaculated, and was the first and only time to this day I had cum without external aid!
As I said, my sister did not take her strapping well, and quite honestly had Father made her adhere strictly to the rules, he would still be delivering strokes by bedtime!.However he must have decided 20 was sufficient. Then, rather than have Lisa stand facing the wall, after she had somewhat recovered, he helped her to lie face down on top of the bed, her head on the pillow, kissed her forehead gently, and he left the room.
I waited until I was certain Lisa was asleep, then quietly emerged from the closet. I took a quick look at the impressive welting and bruising on my sister’s bare buttocks and upper thighs, then quietly retreated to my own bedroom where I stripped off my sticky underpants, placing them in the laundry basket, wondering if my mother would notice the dry sperm staining them.
Unable to remove from my memory what I had just witnessed, I took my penis which had nicely stiffened again, and with just a few tugs on its skin with my right hand sent a generous spurt of semen into my cupped left hand. After washing my hands, in the bathroom across the hall, I then put on fresh underpants and my jeans, opened my bedroom window and climbed out on to the tree close to it. After shinning down, I went out to the front door, entering into the house like I was just coming home. Father was in his den and I went in to say hello. He looked entirely normal giving no indication of what he had just been through – but inside?...I wondered what indeed he might be feeling?
I never got a chance to witness Lisa being thrashed again, though she got her fair share of not just spankings, but tawsings as well (notwithstanding Mother’s objections), many of which I listened to at her door. I always felt Father was stricter with me when it came to the ‘thrashing rules”, but I don’t think that was because I was a boy and my sister a girl. I think simply I could take a bare bottom thrashing better than her!!!

11:35am 03-22-2021
Uncle Dave

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. I had first been introduced to the strap after my twelfth birthday, but as far as I knew, Lisa had so far been spared the ‘pleasure’ of its acquaintance. Father had told me it had been gifted to him by his father, my grandfather, who had been a teacher in Scotland, and used the strap, or tawse as he called it, to maintain discipline both at school and home.
Father kept it hanging in a closet in his bedroom, and after I had been introduced to it, I would sometimes sneak in for a look. I would take the tawse out, marvel at its weight, its smoothness, and the way it was shaped to fit the hand and the two tails cut on the receiving end. I would bare my bottom in front of my parent's mirror, strap myself a couple of times on the bottom, imagining just how many bare bottoms had had the 'pleasure' of being bruised and welted by that formidable instrument.
“Wow!”, I would think, as I pictured the thick strip of black leather lashing deep into my own father’s bare buttocks and thighs when he was a boy.
As I played with the strap, my penis would invariably stiffen, and I would frot it with my fingers. It was initially just a pleasurable thing to do, but without result, until one day, shortly after my thirteenth birthday, standing, jeans and underpants at my ankles in front of that mirror, strap in one hand, my penis in the other, I felt a rising sensation in my groin. The sensation grew and grew, and just as I thought my hips were about to split in two, my penis ejected spurt after spurt of white creamy sperm.
The boys at school often talked about ‘tossing off’, their term for ejaculation, and though I had never actually done it, I would pretend that I knew all about it.. Now that I had, notwithstanding the incredible erotic sensations I had experienced, I looked down in horror at the widening stain on Mother’s rug in the front of the mirror, caused by my spurt.
“Jesus Christ”, I muttered, absolutely panicked, so afraid someone would come home and discover what I had done.
I hobbled, nearly tripping, with my jeans and underpants still around my ankles, to my parent’s bathroom where I pulled a few tissues from the box, wetting a couple of them, then walking with difficulty back to try to repair the damage. Thankfully I succeeded, and the stain dried out and disappeared long before either of my parents returned. I was wise now to ‘tossing off’ and made sure when I repeated my experience I dropped the strap and caught the sperm in my hand.
In the closet of my sister’s bedroom, putting these memories out of my mind, I again focused on my sister’s predicament. She lay quietly mewling in front of me, her right hand carefully massaging her damaged bare buttock cheeks. They, and the top third of her thighs, were bright mottled red all over, with purple and blue bruises starting to show, where Father’s fingers had struck her the hardest..Truly a glorious sight!
“I know just how you are feeling, Sis!” I thought behind the safety of the bi-fold door, but I must admit, though I did feel a twinge or two of sympathy for Lisa,, I knew I would not have traded the experience I was now undergoing for even an all ‘A’ Report Card.
Suddenly Lisa’s bedroom door opened, and in walked Father, the tawse dangling from his right hand.
“Please no, Daddy!”, my sister pleaded, fearfully eyeing the strap, “Mummy says you can only use that on David!...Please No!”
This was a revelation to me that my mother had told my father that the strap was only for me and not my sister!...Unbelievable!! We children had been brought up in the belief that the sexes were to be treated equally, but this was obviously not true.
“How unfair!”, I thought, but was pleased when my father replied sternly, “That may be your mother’s opinion, Lisa, but it is not mine!...Plus your mother is not here!...Now stand up girl!!!”
Lisa made the mistake, after she stood up, of advising Father in a truculent tone that she would be telling Mother as soon as Mother returned. That earned her a hard whack with the tawse across the front of her bare thighs.
Then as Lisa squealed in pain, Father informed her , “You can tell your Mother anything you like, young lady, and even show her the damage I am about to inflict on your bare bottom!..But be warned , if you do, you will find yourself back in this room for a repeat performance!”.
My sister, as far as I know, did not advise Mother, and, yes, I am glad to say, even over her mother’s objections’ she, on more than one occasion, received a good old fashioned bare bottom thrashing with the strap from Father.

11:31am 03-22-2021
Uncle Dave

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I, David, grew up in England with my mother, father, and sister, Lisa, who is a year younger than me. Spankings were the most common form of punishment for children back then, and in my home it was no exception ​My father was the disciplinarian, and often my sister and I found ourselves in our respective bedrooms, bare bottomed over Father's lap, as he sat at the end of our beds, his hard hand slapping painfully down on our fully bared buttocks.
I guess from the earliest age I was always fascinated by spanking (on others of course) and whenever possible, notwithstanding the risk of being discovered by my mother, would station myself outside my sister's bedroom listening to the scolding from my father, and the whimpering and pleadings of my sister, as father meticulously turned Lisa's plump bare cheeks from pink to fiery red with his hard right palm..
My fetish for spanking was, however, fully cemented one day when I was fourteen. I had been alone in the house, bored, so I decided to go into Lisa's bedroom to take a look and see if I could find anything interesting. Entering my sister's, or my parent's bedroom, uninvited, I of course knew was considered by my parent's a spanking offence. The fear of that only made the experience all the more pleasurable.
As I was looking in the drawers beside Lisa's bed I heard the front door opening and the sound of my father's voice severely berating Lisa, coupled with her pleadings for forgiveness. I panicked as I heard them head up the stairs, knowing full well that Lisa was in for a sound spanking, certain to be performed in the bedroom in which I was now standing. I thought of hiding under the bed, but realized I would not fit, so I decided to enter the closet at the foot of my sister's bed.
The closet had bi-fold doors with slats, and I had barely entered and shut the doors before the bedroom door slammed open and in came Lisa, aided by pushes from my very irate father. My heart was pounding, and my mouth dry, as I gazed through the slats at the jean clad bottom of my sister who had taken up position just in front of the closet doors. Beyond her, my father sat on the bed lecturing her sternly about the sins of smoking and alcohol.
I knew Lisa and her friends sometimes gathered behind the local convenience store to share a cigarette or two, and sample some alcohol purloined from one of their parents. Somehow or other Father must have learned of this, and caught my sister in the act. I knew she was in for the soundest of bare bottom spankings, and, notwithstanding the fact I was at real risk of being found, I felt the experience of watching it first hand was well worth the chance of being discovered with the inevitable painful consequences. .
As Father continued to lecture he reached forward and started to unbuckle Lisa's belt. She tried to prevent him by putting her hands on top of his, but he smacked them hard and ordered her to keep them by her side. After unbuckling the belt, he unzipped her jeans and eased them down to mid thigh. They were quite tight fitting, and I could see he was taking then down in a manner so as not to take her panties with them.
"Ah!", I thought, "He is prolonging the experience for Lisa!...Wanting to maximize her ‘shaming’!"
Lisa continued to mewl and plead quietly as Father carefully folded the hem of my sister’s t-shirt high above her waist, just under her long blonde tresses, then slowly peeled her pink panties to join her jeans at mid- thigh. He then sat back staring hard at his daughter’s most private parts, ordering her to not cover, and to keep her hands by her sides.
"My God!", I thought as I imagined just how red Lisa's face must be, almost as red as her bottom was about to be. I recalled just awful I felt when in the same position as my sister now was, with my naked genitals fully exposed to my father's stern stare.
"How beautiful is her naked bottom!" I conjectured, as I viewed close up through the door slats Lisa's pale, pink delectable melons. She had the cutest of dimples centred on each buttock cheek. If I had dared, she was so close, I could have reached through the slats with my fingers and caressed them.
‘Shaming’ finally over, Father put a hand on either side of Lisa's waist, brought her to his right side, then laid her over his lap. After more scolding he told her "I expect you to take this smacked bottom with quiet decorum!!!....And no trying to protect your bottom with your hands!..You have earned this punishment, young lady, and you are about to get it!"
With that, God, did he ever give her a spanking!...As hard as any I could recall getting!...A couple of times she tried to cover, but promptly removed her hand on his order. Giving up on ‘quiet decorum’, notwithstanding her father’s constant exhortations that she was just making it worse for herself, Lisa really squealed, sobbed and kicked her legs, causing her jeans and knickers to fly off across the room. He finished the spanking by placing his right leg over Lisa's thighs, drawing her left hip tight into his crotch, and pushing her right hand into the small of her back, then landing a flurry of blows. Finally, he unceremoniously dumped my sister off his lap, where she landed with her flame red naked buttocks pushed hard against the slats of the door behind which I was hiding He then, without a further word, left the room.
This puzzled me a little, as normally Father concluded a punishment session by requiring me to stand facing the wall, hands on head, bare bottom towards the room, and to remain there until he returned,,, I had no reason to think he treated my sister any differently.
"Has he gone for the strap", I wondered, my mouth dry.

2:22pm 03-17-2021
Uncle Dave

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Loved Jaime's Spanking Story.

It would have been great if after Jaime placed herself over the 'teacher's' lap the 'teacher' had slowly and carefully folded up Jaime's skirt to waist level, then equally slowly peeled her knickers down to mid thigh.

To the one receiving and those witnessing, a spanking over a covered bottom is memorable, but on a fully bared one - unforgettable!!!!.
8:13pm 02-26-2021
It’s most unlikely Professor Snape was fooled by the voice throwing, much more likely he was happy to use it as an excuse to give young Hermione a well-earned spanking. As he says during the spanking, she is ‘insolent, arrogant, pompous and disrespectful,’ so she has earned the spanking even if she doesn't deserve it on this occasion. In any case, nobody visiting this site is going to begrudge him the joy of spanking such a delectable young bottom.
7:57pm 02-21-2021
I agree with Bill. Good to see that despite his magical powers Professor Snape still prefers the old fashioned 'hands on' method of delivering a spanking. Much more fun for him and us, although Hermione might not agree.

{HandPrince adds: You'd think, though, that Professor Snape, being accustomed to managing classrooms full of budding young wizards, wouldn't be so easily fooled by children throwing their voices in order get one another into trouble.}
11:48am 02-20-2021
Thanks for the update. Especially like the work from Alt Cor in gallery 238. Always thought young Grainger needed a good spanking. The added humiliation of getting it bare in front of the whole class will do her a world of good.
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