Please post comments relevant to the Handprints site.
Your childhood discipline memories are welcome.
Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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8:27pm 10-11-2020
Another brilliant update. Thanks for all the work you have done.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome! :-) }
8:11am 09-30-2020
Have visited this site for years first time posting. I am a life-long spanko. I was spanked growing up along with my two sisters. Both parents spanked but mainly Dad and almost entirely bare bottom (or bum as we say in Canada) over the knee. Spankings were usually done privately in the bedroom but definitely saw my sisters growing up.

I got my last spanking at thirteen in grade 8. My fascination started the next year when I had my first girlfriend. One day I was over at her house and her younger sister was spanked while I was there we didn't see it but sure heard it. My girlfriend told me about the spankings in her family and the fact she was still subject to go over her dad's knee. She then confessed that in the last year after her spanking when she was alone in her room she would play with herself. Since then I have always been fascinated with spanking memories. Love to hear people's real life spankings and can share more of mine and hers as she is now my wife!!
12:30pm 09-27-2020

Homepage url

I’m curious, if you have statistics on this, what is your most viewed image?

{HandPrince replies: I don't have stats for viewership of images. But I have little doubt that the Barb image on the Homepage is the most viewed.}
9:33pm 09-22-2020
Jay Dodge
Hey y'all, thought you might be interested in this..!

Great supernanny video
6:30pm 09-21-2020
seamus lenihan
I enjoy rude rumps pages
lee warner stuff is pretty good too but i like the 3d art better
2:05pm 09-19-2020
I've been a frequent visitor of this site ever since I was in 13 back in 2012!! I got spanked growing up as a kid until I was 10. But I didn't develop a fascination for spanking art and photos until I was in 8th grade. My top favorite artists here are sccssc123, Rude Rumps, Chip Wilson (his one image on Gallery #141), E.Ghost.S, and Lee Warner. Lee Warner's work is my most favorite because his colored images look so realistic with the redness of the girl bottoms, the people, clothing, and furniture, and more. Some of his drawings suggest other things to my imagination. That's another thing that makes the drawings look realistic. The drawings of the pleased parents and the girl being spanked in front of the class are hilarious! All in all, I love all the artwork on this site!
9:19am 09-18-2020
Lee Warner
AltCor, you're not alone in the fantasy of a big brutal guy and helpless little near-teen, see
Looks like some people are interested in chatting, sure, what with the pandemic I have time on my hands...write
2:47pm 09-17-2020

Homepage url
Hi, all! For those interested in spanking-themed fanworks, I've created an account on Archive of Our Own, under the same name I use here. One of the works you can now see on my AO3 page is a parody of "Penny Lane" based on Lurking Dragon's "Melody's Story" and the Rejuve universe. I've linked to it as my home page for this post.
9:32am 09-08-2020
To IanDayre - Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. My work mostly depicts older girls (14-25) and spankers that look like a retired WWE fighter because that's the fictional scenario that most appeals to me. I like spankers to be brute, scary, burly men, and the spankees to be small, fragile and cute.

I'm a spanker in real life (of adult women of course) so I'm not looking to see myself represented in my art (I'm not a big ugly monster), rather I'm looking for something else, kind of an "extreme scenario". Good news for people with different taste is that I'm now only working on commissions, so if someone wants to see him represented in a drawing or story he can contact me and I can bring his idea to life. The rest of my work can be found in AOTK and Deviantart. Good day!
6:34pm 09-07-2020
Cal W
Like everyone else, I’m a long time fan of Lee Warner and Rude Rumps. I was spanked as a kid and have had an odd fascination with it for as long as I can remember. I recently read Rude Rumps’s amazing graphic novel, and — like many people — found that it captured a lot of my own experiences with spanking. I am an amateur artist and have posted some of my drawings elsewhere — maybe one day I will be good enough to make it on here. I always love to correspond with people, so feel free to email me at To Rude in particular — I would love to chat with you if you are interested.
Thanks to all the artists out there who contribute here and elsewhere.
12:19pm 09-05-2020

Homepage url
like the new update special the image with school discipline made by D Adams more from that artist could be nice

the link I have put in here is for my favourite comic where little daniel get a spanking from teacher
1:06pm 09-02-2020
To AltCor - you art is excellent and shows great promise. In the drawing in #233, second row right side, the girl is beautifully portrayed. I always appreciate the touch of the lowered panties visible around the thighs, knees or ankles. Hopefully this spanking is about over as the girl's very red bottom shows me she has been punished enough. As for the spanker, your audience mainly consists of guys with an interest in spanking. Whether or not any of us would ever spank a real-life child, the idea of fantasizing about it has appeal. I think most of us would prefer to be portrayed as normal guys, dads and grandpas rather than the fat ugly monster shown here. Just my opinion. It's your art and you have every right to depict as you choose.
10:17am 09-02-2020
OK, on page #177 the new images are there, but the first one, sccssc064.png goes to a 404 page not found error message.
#192--still only one new almond image, cleared cache no effect.
#208 fireball055.jpg is the last image shown. No longer tagged as new, but 056 not showing up.
Chrome browser.

{HandPrince replies: There is no new Fireball, image. That was my mistake. There is only one new Almond image. I tried #177 in three different browsers and both the new images are there, although in two of them the thumbnail image doesn't display while in Microsoft Edge it does. I've tried deleting and completely redoing those two image links in #177 and reuploading it to no avail. I'll try again.}
10:16am 09-01-2020
Like the new update, but found some inconsistencies:
#177, the 2 new images are from the last update, and I tried reloading the page.
#192, described as having 2 new images, could only find one on page
#208 new image was from last update (55).

{HandPrince replies: Thanks a lot, Doug, for your help. The problems are fixed now. If you still have trouble seeing the two new #177 images, try clearing your browser cache.}
10:19am 08-16-2020
Rude Rumps is wonderful! And I've just found the graphic novel, can't wait!
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