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11:12pm 06-28-2020
Several of the images from go to the wrong images. The following are all linked from the Mr. KD gallary:

The images are not Mr. KD, nor do they match the thumbnails.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for letting me know. The links are fixed now.}
4:16pm 06-22-2020
Long long long time lurker! Thanks so much for continued updates! I almost fell out my chair reading LEE F'N WARNER's name on the new update. THE LEGEND!
1:01pm 06-21-2020
Good time of day.
I am from Russia and we have a text role play
I would like to know if one of the artists responds to help, draw in one of the roles. The theme is a panison with strict rules.
If there is a desire, I am waiting for a letter in the email

{HandPrince replies: Email addresses aren't exchanged on the Handprints Guestbook, sorry. However, you might have greater luck if you posted on Good luck!}
9:38am 06-19-2020
I wonder, does Aaron know there are people who actually take things a step further and think IRL spanking is fine?
4:03pm 06-15-2020
this site must be banned in sweden it has to be? it should be banned everywhere.

{HandPrince replies: Yup. Gotta rescue all those make-believe girls from all those imaginary spankings!}
8:02pm 06-01-2020
Thanks for the new gallery 231 of 50s illustrations by K Birk, and to Lee Warner for re-doing them for us so well! I haven't heard of K Birk and couldn't find him/her on Spanking Art or with a search. Can you tell us about the illustrator?

{HandPrince replies: I'm afraid I know next to nothing about K Birk except that he does F/m pen and ink drawings of boy spankees, and that he gave Lee Warner permission to alter them to F/f.}
11:44am 06-01-2020
Nice to see something from Lee Warner. Always a great fan of his work. Wish he would submit more of his great artwork.
2:36am 05-31-2020
C G Olmens
Great to see Lee Warner back. Probably my favorite artist.
8:16am 05-23-2020
Lee Warner,

Thank you.
4:40am 05-21-2020

Homepage url
Thanks for another update! It's so great that Lee Warner is back after all these years.
1:45pm 05-18-2020
Dark Angel,

Uncertain, but the whole thing is here (not English).

1:41pm 05-12-2020
Dark Angel

Does anyone know what webtoon this pic is from? It's in gallery 228
11:19am 05-12-2020
Nice update. Thanks!
10:05am 05-10-2020
Hello HP nice update.
Stay safe and well...
4:26am 05-10-2020

Homepage url
Thanks for another big update.
Keep safe everyone
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