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1:13am 11-03-2019
Thanks for the link, that new picture is probably Yurushi's best but nice to see the other two.
3:40am 11-02-2019

Homepage url
Another great update, thanks a lot!
5:58pm 11-01-2019
Indeed. BTW, is there a link to more Yurushi somewhere?

{HandPrince replies: there are a couple more Yurushi images here:
8:12am 10-31-2019
I love the new Yurushi frontispiece!
7:42am 10-31-2019
Lee Warner
Another fine post! Nice to have the dates with the comix. ARude Rumps exceeds with not only great pix but full stories attached, I don't know anybody else has done that.
Note broken link to Little Iodine, please fix.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for the heads up about the broken link. It's fixed now.}
5:27pm 10-28-2019
Does anyone know which movie or TV show this F/m clip came from?
7:35pm 10-22-2019
Hey @Rude Rumps, I was wondering if you would be willing to share the assets you use in DAZ3D. I want to start creating art, but I am in a bit of an inconvenient financial state and don't have the ability to buy a bunch of assets. Would you be able to do a little bit of "community sharing"?

{HandPrince replies: I'll let Rude Rumps respond if she wants to. I strongly suspect, though, that what you are asking her to do would be illegal.}
6:02pm 10-19-2019
Re: Twice the Triple
That first one ("warm-welcome" tells me the artist is a spanko. The bare red bottom, the girl's expression and body language - its something Circe could have drawn.

{HandPrince replies: Seven spanked girls, aged 7-14, all under one roof? Yes, is definitely an online comic to follow. Give Mr. Berg encouragement in the Comments sections, everyone (without being blatantly fetish-y, of course).}
11:55am 10-15-2019
The Preacher's Wife
Twice the Triplets is making up for lost time!
8:28pm 09-24-2019
Gallery 224. Fat woman hunted in Epidemic of Spankings.
Oh to be an undercover officer, following her around for a few months, gathering evidence.
4:27pm 09-24-2019
Rude Rumps, the artwork you have added to this page is absolutely amazing. I love the stories you incorporate along with your art as well as how you work in your past experiences from childhood. I hope there is lots more to come!!
10:57am 09-19-2019

Homepage url
A subtle but unmistakable spanking reference appears in a science fiction novel I read recently, Space Opera by Catherynne Valente. It turns out humanity’s been entered in a high-stakes song competition (think Eurovision on a galactic scale) and the protagonist is informed that a popular entry last time was titled “Please Don’t Incinerate Us, We’ll Be Good from Now On, We Promise.”
6:01am 09-18-2019
Yes happy 20th anniversary HP and hope my you another 20. The 2 drawings by Arkham-Insanity in various artists 224
should have been animated. It would have been a nice touch, especially with the father spanking his little girl slowly with belt and paddle.
Then send her to stand in corner for a bad behavior. Keep up the good work.
12:29pm 09-17-2019
Yes, congratulations on 20 years! The current cover piece by Arkham-Insanity is one of the best ever. The only thing I would change would be the man using his hand instead of that heavy paddle. Just seems excessive. The art I like best here are those pieces where I can imagine myself as a participant, either as spanker, spankee or observer. For example, in the best F/F art, I see myself coming into the room and seeing what is happening. At the end the little girl is sent to her room with a sore bottom and mom and I get friendly.
4:00pm 09-14-2019

Homepage url
A song parody: "Cindy" -- to the tune of "Windy" by The Association

Who's hiding herself under a stairway
Hoping her folks forget what she's done?
Who knows she's earned herself a good spanking?
Everyone knows it's Cindy

Who's hoping she'll get off 'cause she's pretty,
Batting those lashes lighter than air?
Who's practiced fifty ways to say sorry?
Anyone can guess it's Cindy

Now Cindy makes forlorn eyes
And promises no more lies
Yet in spite of all she tries
Up up she goes
Up up she goes
Up up she goes
Up up she goes!

Who's now begging Momma for mercy,
Not caring if the whole neighborhood hears?
Who's getting one hard smack after another?
Everyone knows it's Cindy!

Who's getting frantic, twisting and turning,
Though she knows she can't get away?
Whose momma makes sure her backside is burning?
Everyone knows it's Cindy!

Who now regrets she ever was naughty
As her bottom cheeks get hotter than flame?
Who's promising she'll be good forever?
Everyone hears -- it's Cindy!

Now Cindy's learned pretty eyes
Will never make up for lies
She can't escape Momma's thighs
When she's been bad
When she's been bad
When she's been bad
When she's been bad!

Who's going to be on her best behavior
For at least the next week or two?
Who's going to sleep tonight on her tummy?
Everyone knows it's Cindy!
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