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8:55am 12-23-2019
Hannah L.
Me and my sister are a year apart and when we were 12 and 13,our parents started spanking us! It was a two part punishment-the spanking and humiliation afterwards.We had made our First Holy Communions when we were 7 and 8 and per the parish dress code had to wear a white tee shirt and toddler size plastic pants[rubberpants] under our required communion dresses.So when our parents started spanking us at 12 and 13,before the spanking,we had to put on the rubberpants,which fit us tight since we were older,and lean over dads lap and get spanked with his hand! The rubberpants increased the pain of the spanking and then after the spanking was done,we had to wear the rubberpants for the rest of the weekend,which was the humiliation part! The leg openings on the rubberpants always caused us pain as they dug into our leg joints! Our parents spanked us up untill we were past 16 and it was quite humiliating having to wear the rubberpants around our friends and to mass on sunday.
5:48pm 11-24-2019
You may not have noticed that #226 from November is the same #226 as was posted in October.

[HandPrince replies: Actually there were 25 new images added each time. The gallery now has 50 images. You may be seeing an old version of the gallery stored in your browser cache. Hit the refresh button and you should be able to see the new images.]
3:58pm 11-24-2019
One for the Daz 3D artists out there - what's the best way to apply redness to the bottom of a figure?
3:43pm 11-12-2019

Homepage url
Vnscpd and greg, that's presumably based on the book of the same title, written by Anne Rice.
3:00am 11-09-2019
Vnscpd asked where this clip came from

It comes from the Movie Exit to Eden with Dan Ackroid and Rosie O Donnel
6:04pm 11-06-2019
jt racer48
Being a switchable spank-o, I like it all. I love seeing the girls getting spanked, but I also like seeing the boys getting spanked from girls. Especially if it involves boys getting spanked from female babysitters. That's how I get aware and opened to this fetish. Everything is great, keep up the great work here.
10:09am 11-03-2019

Homepage url
vnscpd, I don't know where the clip came from, but possibly someone on that FB group, Real Punishment Lovers, would. I'd ask them.
9:52am 11-03-2019

Homepage url
I've come up with a little takeoff on the song "Downtown," famously recorded by Petula Clark. Here it is.

Ow-ow! or Not Mary Poppins

If you are naughty
You're going to find yourself
Across my knee --

You think I'm joking
But just try me, child,
And you will see --

It amuses me that you think
You can do just what you want to
But when I catch you misbehaving, child,
You'll have no place to run to --
Then you'll learn

You may complain,
"It's not fair,"
But since you disobeyed me
I really won't care!

You'll cry "Ow-ow!" as I'm heating your fanny
"Ow-ow!" Who's your favorite nanny?
"Ow-ow!" When you've been bad it won't be me!

I know we'll get on
Splendidly if you'll just
Accept my rule

Other children
Thought they could defy me
But they were fools --

Don't try to confuse me
Saying I don't understand you
All you have to know is that
It's my right to command you.
Know this too:

I'm authorized
By your mum --
Give me any trouble
And I'm whipping your bum!

You'll howl "Ow-ow!" as you're learning to behave
"Ow-ow!" No use trying to be brave
"Ow-ow!" I'm going to break you down!

1:13am 11-03-2019
Thanks for the link, that new picture is probably Yurushi's best but nice to see the other two.
3:40am 11-02-2019

Homepage url
Another great update, thanks a lot!
5:58pm 11-01-2019
Indeed. BTW, is there a link to more Yurushi somewhere?

{HandPrince replies: there are a couple more Yurushi images here:
8:12am 10-31-2019
I love the new Yurushi frontispiece!
7:42am 10-31-2019
Lee Warner
Another fine post! Nice to have the dates with the comix. ARude Rumps exceeds with not only great pix but full stories attached, I don't know anybody else has done that.
Note broken link to Little Iodine, please fix.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for the heads up about the broken link. It's fixed now.}
5:27pm 10-28-2019
Does anyone know which movie or TV show this F/m clip came from?
7:35pm 10-22-2019
Hey @Rude Rumps, I was wondering if you would be willing to share the assets you use in DAZ3D. I want to start creating art, but I am in a bit of an inconvenient financial state and don't have the ability to buy a bunch of assets. Would you be able to do a little bit of "community sharing"?

{HandPrince replies: I'll let Rude Rumps respond if she wants to. I strongly suspect, though, that what you are asking her to do would be illegal.}
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