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Please DON'T post PHOTOS of juvenile spankings, LINKS to sites with such photos, or descriptions of spankings you gave your real life children.


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12:35pm 09-12-2019
90's Dad
Great site. Keeps my memories alive.
8:10pm 09-09-2019
Like others my earliest memories are of comics.,stories or letters in the paper about spanking. But that raises a chicken and egg question. What made that material interesting in the first place? In other words is this interest something we are born with?
I have good memories of spanking games with friends and a special memory of my older sister being teased by a friend of hers for not spanking me when I was cheeky to her. I was embarrassed but excited too.
You have a magnificent site. We are all indebted to you.
8:20pm 09-07-2019
I thought your site could not get even better and then the delightful Rude Rumps came along!
It has the flavor of some superb covers of imagined parenting magazines I have seen. Their layout and illustrations are like mainstream specialty magazines with superb pictures and headlines of articles inside such as " The continuing debate: to bare or not to bare?"; "who should do the spanking: mother or dad?" ; "Teenage spankings: more popular than ever!".
Have you ever come across these?
9:59am 09-06-2019
Hey, a question, is there some Website from Rude Rumps? I really like her Art!

{HandPrince replies: At the moment, Handprints is it. I suggested to Rude Rumps that she start a website, but at present she prefers to focus her energies on her art.}
4:21pm 08-25-2019
The drawings from Various Artists No.27 are from graphic novel "The Young Witches" Vol 1 by Solano Lopez and R Barreiro c1992
9:06pm 08-24-2019
20 years! Well done! When I first found your site there were only about 20 galleries. It's been wonderful watching it grow.
Thank you, not just all the hard work maintaining and updating the site, but also for setting it up again and uploading all the items every time you were nuked.
7:22pm 08-16-2019
ian warrick
In your Drawings gallery other artists No.27, what are the two graphic pages of a girl
Being dragged home and beaten by a governess from (images 7/8)

{HandPrince replies: I have no idea what comic those came from, sorry.}
4:05pm 08-15-2019
Congrats on 20 years! You've proved that no force in the world can stop you.
2:21pm 08-12-2019
spanking 2000
Happy birthday dear handprints site...Happy birthday to you!! I feel like i have been visiting since the beginning. Since 1999......
12:13pm 08-12-2019
Thanks for 20 great years!!! Hope you have 20 more!
11:55pm 08-11-2019
Rude Rumps
Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday deaaaaar handprints site...Happy birthday to you!!

Thank you HP soooooo much for making this site! When I first discovered it I realized I wasn't alone...I wasn't the first kid to look up 'spanking' in the dictionary all the time or search for spanking references in comics or make spanky drawings and hide them under my bed!

Here's to another 20 years


{HandPrince replies: When I was growing up I wondered if I was the only kid in the world who was "this way." If the Web had existed back then, I would have discovered otherwise a lot sooner, and that would have been a comfort}.
7:14am 08-11-2019
20 years and going strong. Congratulations. I feel like i have been visiting since the beginning. Thank you so very much for your steadfastness in keeping this archive alive and growing all these years.
The Rude Rumps cover picture is great. Do you know what program was used to create it?

{HandPrince replies: Rude Rumps uses Daz3D. There will be more of her work in a future update, in which she will explain in somewhat more detail how she creates her digital spanking images.}
12:03pm 08-10-2019
Hi! Congradutations on 20 years!
5:46am 08-10-2019

Homepage url
Happy 20:th birthday to Handprints!

It's a big job you, HP, has been putting down to keep this site working and updated on regular basis. My warmest thanks for all your work and efforts.

10:23pm 08-07-2019
ian warrick

I am interested in Victorian governess spanking. Can I find any on your site?

{HandPrince replies: ).
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