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7:22pm 08-16-2019
ian warrick
In your Drawings gallery other artists No.27, what are the two graphic pages of a girl
Being dragged home and beaten by a governess from (images 7/8)

{HandPrince replies: I have no idea what comic those came from, sorry.}
4:05pm 08-15-2019
Congrats on 20 years! You've proved that no force in the world can stop you.
2:21pm 08-12-2019
spanking 2000
Happy birthday dear handprints site...Happy birthday to you!! I feel like i have been visiting since the beginning. Since 1999......
12:13pm 08-12-2019
Thanks for 20 great years!!! Hope you have 20 more!
11:55pm 08-11-2019
Rude Rumps
Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday deaaaaar handprints site...Happy birthday to you!!

Thank you HP soooooo much for making this site! When I first discovered it I realized I wasn't alone...I wasn't the first kid to look up 'spanking' in the dictionary all the time or search for spanking references in comics or make spanky drawings and hide them under my bed!

Here's to another 20 years


{HandPrince replies: When I was growing up I wondered if I was the only kid in the world who was "this way." If the Web had existed back then, I would have discovered otherwise a lot sooner, and that would have been a comfort}.
7:14am 08-11-2019
20 years and going strong. Congratulations. I feel like i have been visiting since the beginning. Thank you so very much for your steadfastness in keeping this archive alive and growing all these years.
The Rude Rumps cover picture is great. Do you know what program was used to create it?

{HandPrince replies: Rude Rumps uses Daz3D. There will be more of her work in a future update, in which she will explain in somewhat more detail how she creates her digital spanking images.}
12:03pm 08-10-2019
Hi! Congradutations on 20 years!
5:46am 08-10-2019

Homepage url
Happy 20:th birthday to Handprints!

It's a big job you, HP, has been putting down to keep this site working and updated on regular basis. My warmest thanks for all your work and efforts.

10:23pm 08-07-2019
ian warrick

I am interested in Victorian governess spanking. Can I find any on your site?

{HandPrince replies: ).
4:03pm 08-02-2019
Honestly, this website is really great and cute! I hope to see more art of girls who love spankings though.
2:07pm 07-31-2019

Homepage url
I’ve composed a new spanking song, this one a parody of The Seekers’ “Georgy Girl.” It isn’t based exclusively on the single – I adapted bits from the versions of the song accompanying the opening and closing of the movie of the same name for which it was written, too.
Much as the original song is sung by Judith Durham in the character of a presumably older woman advising a younger one on how she might improve her love life (largely by sexing up her wardrobe and hairstyle), I imagine this take-off as being sung by an adult woman to a teen who she thinks is dressing inappropriately – almost a sort of inversion of the original. The song seems written specifically for a female voice, as indeed it was, and I didn’t think it wise to try to change that, even if some people might think it sounds odd to hear me sing it.

"Naughty Girl" (to the tune of "Georgy Girl"

Hey there, naughty girl
Swinging on that swing so panty-free
Anyone who wants can't fail to see your lady bits there
How dare you!

Hey there, naughty girl
I weep for all the spankings you don't get
Never had a real one yet
Just look at the clothes you wear!

It's clear you need a stropping
That doesn't stop till you've cried
That skirt leaves bare most all of your thigh!
You little slut!

Hey there, naughty girl
You must have a good girl deep inside
Your Dad just needs to tan your hide
And then what a change there'd be
The world would see
No more naughty girl!

Oooh, oooh!
Oooh, oooh!

(musical interlude)

Hey there, naughty girl
I've got your Dad to see just what you need
And I'm staying to help him succeed
We won't let you run away!

No need to bother changing
And rearranging your clothes
You won't be needing any of those!
You're in for it!

Hey there, naughty girl
Get over his knee, don't make him wait!
When it's finished we'll all celebrate
How wonderfully changed you'll be
The world will see
No more naughty girl!

Come on, naughty girl!
Gig's up, naughty girl!
It's time, naughty girl!
5:39am 07-25-2019
Thank you for the great update. I still laughing about the comic section
11:27am 07-22-2019
Jack Hu
Hey Handprince, thank you for the video link you posted! Do you know of any others like it?

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome. If I run across anything else of that nature which might be of interest to Handprints viewers, I'll post the link here.}
11:02am 07-19-2019
Lee Warner
IanDayre: That drawing was based on a photo (which I've lost) with adult models. I photoshopped the woman to child size and body proportions, drew her face freehand. None of my work used photos of actual child spanking -
8:59pm 07-18-2019
Great to here from you Lee. I love your work which I find stimulating on many levels.
Whatever, you are doing now, I hope you are enjoying it and are as successful as you were with your spanking art.
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