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7:42pm 05-09-2020
Interesting I have a May update on my phone but it's not showing up on the computer.

{HandPrince replies: There's definitely a May update. Try deleting your browser cache and try again.}
5:03pm 05-08-2020
Drawings 223--no new pics listed even when I reload it.
tua 44, 45, 46, 49 links are broken

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for letting me know, Doug. The links are fixed now.}
7:57am 05-04-2020
I wish to send pics by mail. Need mailing address. Best, Dirk

{HandPrince replies: The email address is}
2:30pm 04-30-2020

Homepage url
Hi! I hope everyone's holding up OK.

I haven't posted any of my verses or song parodies for a while because I want to save some for print publication. But given many people's heightened need for entertainment at present, I've decided to share my latest, composed yesterday:

Two Red Rubber Balls
(to the tune of "Red Rubber Ball"

I should have known fibs aren't for me to tell
There's a lesson to be learned from this and I've learned it very well
Mother said that she would spank the starch right out of me
And when she's done she's sworn my buns will be a sight to see

Well, I think I'm gonna be all right
She says it's almost over now
My naughty bottom's shining like two red rubber balls

She's never cared what secrets I confide
The only thing that made me lie was a bit of foolish pride
Always listen, never judge -- the rule by which she lives
One promise to her -- that it's true! -- is all I have to give

Well, I think I'm gonna be all right
She says it's almost over now
My naughty bottom's shining like two red rubber balls

That story's in the past, with nothing to recall
I'll have no more lies to tell, no I don't need them at all
This trip across dear Mother's knee is nearly at an end
I've bought my lesson with my tears, that's all I'm gonna spend!

Well, I think I'm gonna be all right
She says it's almost over now
My naughty bottom's shining like two red rubber balls

Well, I think I'm gonna be all right
Yeah, she says it's over now
My naughty bottom's shining like two red rubber balls
Ow, ow, it's bouncing and it's shining like two red rubber balls!
10:14am 04-18-2020
I'm very like your website, and there's some error in Gallery #4, the first picture has a error link (it's various001?); and the fifth picture of the second line in Gallery #37 (it's not link to any picture, I guess it's various330). Have a good day.

{HandPrince replies: Thanks for pointing this out. The links are fixed now.}
9:10pm 04-07-2020
I think this is the best website I've ever been to. Thanks prince.

{HandPrince replies: You're welcome! :-)}
6:19pm 04-07-2020
Glad to you are doing well HP.
Everyone stay safe and well. This will pass.
Prayers and stay home everyone.
2:27am 04-04-2020

Homepage url
I hope you, HP, and everyone else is fine and well in these times. Keep safe!

{HandPrince replies: I'm fine. Hope everyone else is, too.}
9:16am 03-01-2020
*Arkham-Insanity, very nice cover image.
2:38am 02-29-2020

Homepage url
Another great update. Love the old comics and the dwawings by Arkham. Thanks!
3:46am 01-27-2020
Any chance someone could link me to more art from Tama?
1:05pm 01-11-2020
The Smith Family cartoons are not there.

{HandPrince replies: Try it now.}
7:52am 12-25-2019

Homepage url
Merry Christmas and Happy Nude Rear!
5:01pm 12-24-2019
Would discussion of a fictional family discipline workshop be interesting to anyone? Families attend for a long weekend course designed to make discipline more effective and 'safe spankings'. Could be interesting what do people think?

{HandPrince replies: I personally have no objection, provided it is clearly indicated as fantasy. If not, it can become the target of a moral panic. Below is a link to a youtube video about what was very likely a similar fantasy-roleplay in an online spanko group with everyone playing along and pretending it was for real. If I recall, the forum on which this "conference" was "planned" got wiped out in the ensuing hubbub. Let's not do that here.}
6:57am 12-24-2019
Hello hope you’re doing good. Happy holidays to you and yours!!!
Surprised no Xmas drawings or stories. Well hopefully we will all
see an update. Happy New Years to all.
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