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1:06pm 09-02-2020
To AltCor - you art is excellent and shows great promise. In the drawing in #233, second row right side, the girl is beautifully portrayed. I always appreciate the touch of the lowered panties visible around the thighs, knees or ankles. Hopefully this spanking is about over as the girl's very red bottom shows me she has been punished enough. As for the spanker, your audience mainly consists of guys with an interest in spanking. Whether or not any of us would ever spank a real-life child, the idea of fantasizing about it has appeal. I think most of us would prefer to be portrayed as normal guys, dads and grandpas rather than the fat ugly monster shown here. Just my opinion. It's your art and you have every right to depict as you choose.
10:17am 09-02-2020
OK, on page #177 the new images are there, but the first one, sccssc064.png goes to a 404 page not found error message.
#192--still only one new almond image, cleared cache no effect.
#208 fireball055.jpg is the last image shown. No longer tagged as new, but 056 not showing up.
Chrome browser.

{HandPrince replies: There is no new Fireball, image. That was my mistake. There is only one new Almond image. I tried #177 in three different browsers and both the new images are there, although in two of them the thumbnail image doesn't display while in Microsoft Edge it does. I've tried deleting and completely redoing those two image links in #177 and reuploading it to no avail. I'll try again.}
10:16am 09-01-2020
Like the new update, but found some inconsistencies:
#177, the 2 new images are from the last update, and I tried reloading the page.
#192, described as having 2 new images, could only find one on page
#208 new image was from last update (55).

{HandPrince replies: Thanks a lot, Doug, for your help. The problems are fixed now. If you still have trouble seeing the two new #177 images, try clearing your browser cache.}
10:19am 08-16-2020
Rude Rumps is wonderful! And I've just found the graphic novel, can't wait!
11:37pm 08-14-2020
Jaye Carré
Hi, does anyone have a video download of the 90 Minutes Australia special on smacking? Was on the official YouTube but was removed. Or a place where I could stream it online, eg Vimeo etc? Much appreciated!!
9:13am 08-14-2020

Homepage url
In this episode of Twice The Triplets, we learn that Uncle Fred has spanked 7-year-old Skye's bare bottom on SO many occasions that... well, just read for yourself! ;-)
9:27pm 08-12-2020
Is there any kind of little-girl-spankings fantasy area or scene on Second Life?
1:05am 07-28-2020
@ Rude Rumps excellent work However when I click on the link it comes back with an error? Have a great day, A

{HandPrince replies: I just checked, and when I clicked on her gallery from the Drawings page, and from the What's New page, her gallery came up just fine. If you keep having this problem, please email me at and let me know where you are clicking from.}
12:33pm 07-25-2020
hi really enjoying this site with all the drawings and stories I can relate to many of them because my parents also spanked me when I was a child I like most Rude Rumps work some of it really remind of my own childhood I look forward to see much more of drawings on this site
2:14am 07-23-2020
@Flower, yes wet clothes/Bum worse, I remember, and also know a mum who used to do that at the time
5:18pm 07-20-2020
Lee Warner
@Flower "They were bare bottom or I could put my knickers under the tap and have it over wet knickers" ...This is a procedure I never ran across in a lifetime of reading about spankings, can you say a little more? I'm guessing the idea was that you could have modesty but the wet knickers would make it hurt that right? What did you choose and why?
10:04am 07-19-2020
The Rude Rumps graphic novel is amazing. Thank you so much RR
8:12pm 07-17-2020

Homepage url

Hello; I enjoy Rude Rumps spanking art and the story she posted. I also enjoy your entire website. Thank You Donald
8:43am 07-13-2020
Thanks for the update, HP. Good to hear from Rude Rumps, whose art I enjoy. As her work had not been in the last few updates, I was starting to wonder if she was all right in these trying times.

{HandPrince replies: There will be some new Rude Rumps images in the next update.}
8:57am 07-12-2020
The Preacher's Wife
Love, love, LOVE! Rude Rumps' work. Looking forward to her next installment, and the chapters from her autobiographical novel posted at the Spanking art wiki have been fantastic. If only I had stuck with my spanking drawing tendencies when I was ten...
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